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A Walking Introduction to Ljubljana

Written by travelswithkids on 16 Nov, 2013

Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, is a very pedestrian-friendly city, so what better way to learn about the city than through a walking tour? Walking tours of the central city depart every morning from in front of the old town hall in the…Read More

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Cruising the Ljubljanica River

Written by fizzytom on 24 Sep, 2012

Ljubljana’s Ljubljanica River does not have the grandeur of the Danube, the Seine or the Thames but then most things in the Slovenian capital are in miniature. At the point where most visitors see the river it almost looks too small for boats and in…Read More

A Ljubljana Sunday

Written by fizzytom on 10 Sep, 2012

As a Brit, I found Slovenian Sundays hard to adapt to at first; in fact weekends in Slovenia are quite different from what I’m used to, and it’s quite useful to know what to expect should you be making a weekend trip to Ljubljana or…Read More

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Continuing my vacation from Zurich...

Written by manatwork on 06 Apr, 2011

I took an overnight train from Zurich's Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) to Ljubljana. It was an 11-hour train ride, and it cost me CHF146. Arriving the next morning, I called the hostel to have someone picked me up at Železniška postage (Main Train Station). The…Read More

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Lovely Ljubljana

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 14 Sep, 2009

However much of a linguistic cliché this might be (the word Ljubljana is very close to the word for love in many Slavic languages), Ljubljana is lovely indeed. A city on a human scale, at about 300,000 inhabitants and with the role of the country…Read More

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The Funicular - The Cheats Way to the Castle

Written by fizzytom on 25 Apr, 2009

The first time I visited Ljubljana it was a freezing February and it was icy under foot. I wanted to see the castle and as the "road train" only runs in summer, there was no choice but to walk. Walking back down was more treacherous…Read More

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City of Culture

Written by Luggage on 23 Sep, 2000

Anyone who comes to Ljubljana thinking of it as another Eastern European backwater deserves the eye-opener they’ll get. The capital, which calls itself the 'City of Culture,' has a population of only around 300,000 --- it’s Slovenia’s largest city by far -- and may…Read More

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A wander to admire the outdoors

Written by SaraP on 08 Jul, 2003

As I've said, one of the best ways to spend a good, full day in Ljubljana is to wander around, admiring the architecture. The Slovenes themselves clearly recognise this as one of their main assets since the buildings are almost all pristine, with fresh…Read More

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The castle on the hill

Written by SaraP on 04 Jul, 2003

The Castle (Ljubljanski grad) is visible from almost everywhere within the town which bodes well for the view from the top and means it's a must-visit. It was apparently built on a prehistoric site on top of the hill in the Middle Ages; the info…Read More

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Ljubljana's Old Town

Written by Alyssa on 03 Nov, 2000

Ljubljana's Old Town is the best place to be for sightseeing, quaintness, charm, Old Europe ambiance, and Ljubljana's own brand of special individuality. The narrow, winding streets are lined with centuries-old buildings, many of which are now converted into sparkling specialty shops and boutiques. You can spend…Read More

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