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Visiting a lush orchard in the middle of the desert

Written by wanderluster on 25 Mar, 2002

Leaving St. Catherine's monastery, our guide asked us if we wanted to see an orchard. Sure, why not? Our bedouin driver, Goma, drove us to his friend's home in a nearby village, on the outskirts of Al-Milga. The orchard turned out to be a…Read More

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Crossing Sinai Going to Dahab or St. Catherine

Written by Azique D Danto on 17 Apr, 2006

There are two crossings from Israel to Sinai. The Taba border crossing is in Eilat and the Nitzana crossing is in Gaza. Because the Nitzana border is in Gaza it is unpredictable. It opens and closes depending on Palestine's ties with Israel at that current…Read More

Regina Nuweibaa Nightmare

Written by esteban1193 on 24 Jan, 2004

We suffered through a week of very unsatisfactory accommodations at the Regina Nuweiba. This hotel's RCI services are unfortunately completely below the quality standards of RCI. The problems we encountered are summarized below. (1) The initial accommodations (rooms 904 and 905) were infested with cockroaches. When we first…Read More

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Sinai Drive

Written by Been2There2 on 13 Sep, 2004

Part of the reason for me to go to St. Catherine's Monastery was that I felt a calling to see the Sinai desert. Here's a few shots of the drive. I was mostly struck by the desolation of the area. Despite this, the Bedions still…Read More

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St. Catherine's Monastery views

Written by Been2There2 on 13 Sep, 2004

This was a trip into the unknown for me and what I found was very intersting. To get to the Monastery from the Dahab Hilton ,I rented a car, which gave me the freedom to stop while I was on the way and take some…Read More

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Written by Sammy Lagios on 27 Oct, 2010

As i've mentioned in other stories and rewies i never travel as a simple tourist but i have thestrong desire to meet oter people, other civilizations, different customs and wharever all this includes. The same happened when i visited the Sinai mountain where the Monastery…Read More

Regina Nuweibaa - Dirty and Bad Service

Written by macjoe on 12 Aug, 2008

We booked a week at Regina Nuweibaa through RCI. When we arrived the accommodation was not ready and when we insisted to be taken to our rooms we found them disgustingly dirty. The bedsheets and pillow cases had not been changed and we spent most…Read More

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