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first letter

Written by Bulgogi on 27 Aug, 2002

Sunday, March 24, 2002 9:46 PM Hi Everyone, Things are fine over here. I have met the expat community which are a pretty interesting bunch. They all like to party pretty hard and travel a lot. Pretty open minded, too. There are a few Canadians, some Irish,…Read More

Things I won't miss...

Written by Miss Bels on 02 Dec, 2002

- the merry sound of an entire restaurant full of people eating with their mouths open.. - narrow misses as people launch the contents of their throats near my shoes when walking down the street. - people laughing at me because I am not Korean. - being pushed…Read More

Things which I am used to here but which I may grow out of...

Written by Miss Bels on 02 Dec, 2002

- carrying toilet paper all of the time - never wearing shoes in the house - throwing the paper into the handy bin by the toilet - occassionally sitting down on one to discover that it has a pleasantly heated seat (and bidet facility but that has been…Read More

Things which baffle me...

Written by Miss Bels on 02 Dec, 2002

- obsession with poo. Wear it, buy birthday cards with it on, use it as an ashtray, draw a picture of your mate with one on her head, pillows, pencil cases, general all round hone decorations. The use of the poo is endless…Read More

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Things to love about Korea

Written by Miss Bels on 02 Dec, 2002

- my celebrity status. I don't mind being looked at as it is usually through curiousity. And I like getting a round of applause just for being non-Korean sometimes - licensing laws. I can buy beer, soju, whisky, wine etc 24 hours a…Read More

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Two weeks left- the panic sets in....

Written by Miss Bels on 11 Dec, 2002

I have seen other people go through this and I am certainly not a stranger to it myself. However I was waiting to see how it would affect me in Korea. I am of course talking about the panic that you get just…Read More

The End... or is it?

Written by Miss Bels on 07 Jan, 2003

I am officially old--I bought a pair of jeans from Marks and Spencer yesterday and just caught myself admiring them. I have stolen my sister's boots to go into London for the day as it snowed last night and the evidence is still on the…Read More

Countdown- Nine weeks to go..

Written by Miss Bels on 22 Oct, 2002

This is the first journal entry for this journal which is the countdown of my last two months or so in Korea. It is written like a diary and leads on from my other two Korea journals (EFL Teaching in Korea and EFL Teaching…Read More

Week 32- flags

Written by Miss Bels on 14 Aug, 2002

It is a National Holiday in Korea tomorrow. My students tell me that it is Independance Day- to mark Korea's independance from Japanese rule in 1945. As for every holiday since I arrived here back in Decemeber 2001. the National flag is flying…Read More

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Weeks 29- 31- Whatever happened to Helen!

Written by Miss Bels on 09 Aug, 2002

hello all, I haven't forgotten you all I promise. Just that I haven't found myself with more than a few minutes to spare on the Internet recently. That is not to say that I have been exceptionally busy or anything - just that…Read More

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