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Four Mondays to go...

Written by Miss Bels on 19 Nov, 2002

Well i guess that the first thing thaat I should do is apologise for being such a slackarse at writing recently. I just haven't got into the habit of going to the PC bang in my new neighbourhood yet. I did try yesterday…Read More

Week 35 cont- Seoul and stuff...

Written by Miss Bels on 05 Sep, 2002

Oops- ran out of room again! .............................. And I have forgotten to say that last week I went to Seoul to meet up with a friend on his way back from New Zealand after a one year drinking (I mean Working) holiday. I just had the…Read More

Week around 35 (I think)Typhoons, humidity and mould....

Written by Miss Bels on 05 Sep, 2002

No, I haven't died or disappeared into the depths of a Korean rice paddy never to be seen again. I am still alive and well in Mokpo- just a little on the lazy side which is why I haven't mailed sooner. Fungus update…Read More

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Week 29- Fun, games and a little bad news...

Written by Miss Bels on 24 Jul, 2002

It is very hot today in Mokpo so I am particularly glad that they seem to have found the on switch in the PC bang today- might find myself spending more time here as the summer progresses. But what of other summer past-times?…Read More

July 7 2002

Written by Bulgogi on 28 Aug, 2002

Hi Everyone, Well it's been a while but I'll try and keep this one short. The latest news is that I survived the typhoon that hit a couple of days ago. It was pretty anticlimactic as I was hoping for a good bit of disaster but it…Read More

April 16 2002

Written by Bulgogi on 28 Aug, 2002

Hi Gang, I had a conversation with Peter and Ruth about how when I went to Korea it was time to start work in earnest after dallying about for the winter. It seems that that prediction has come true. I stupidly left my knapsack in the…Read More

April 4 2002

Written by Bulgogi on 28 Aug, 2002

Hi Gang, Just rounding up the third week of teaching. I have to say I seem to have a knack for it. I had a lot of fun tonight introducing some first adjectives and shapes to a group of about 7 year olds. We decided as…Read More

April 26 2002

Written by Bulgogi on 28 Aug, 2002

Hi Gang, The latest news from Korea is that the weather here has been almost as strange as I hear it has been in Ontario. Warm sunny days followed by very cold nights, as a general rule. We had some very high winds earlier this week…Read More

world cup medicine (Thomas and Bobby)

Written by Bulgogi on 28 Aug, 2002

hear ye hear ye, come all and listen to the tale of woe of Thomas at the Soccer World Cup. Tickets are pretty hard to come by for the world cup. First off only 8% of the stadiums are open to public tickets, the rest are corporate allocations. Thats why for most of…Read More

May 27 2002

Written by Bulgogi on 28 Aug, 2002

Hey Gang, I haven't felt up to the big letter for a while but I'm in the mood now so it's time to catch up. Things are just fine. Most of my little health problems got sorted out a while ago. Apparently everyone gets sick in the first two…Read More

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