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Cuban Crumble; Havana's Faded Charms

Written by Niiko on 09 Feb, 2010

Faded Grandeur could almost be trademarked by Havana, so consistently is the concept reflected throughout the city. In the well-worn Old Town and the peeling facades of the centre, this is an attraction in itself; a colonial heritage left to decay that has taken on…Read More

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Written by MichaelJM on 03 May, 2007

At the back of Cathedral Square towards Havana’s promenade is Tacon, a permanent street market, that is well worth checking out. It’s not the biggest in the world, rather compact, but absolutely crammed with work of local artisans. Instinctively you know to hang on…Read More

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Horse and carriages around Havana

Written by MichaelJM on 27 Apr, 2007

Our first day and the hotel's courtesy bus dropped us in Plaza de Armas where we were orientating ourselves when Benjamin approached us. He was proudly standing next to his horse, Lindo, and was offering us an hour's guided tour around Havana in his carriage.…Read More

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Talking 'bout a revolution

Written by Slug on 20 Dec, 2006

My father was a big radio dx fan. Equipped with a grey wartime valve radio, and a huge ariel in the back garden, he would wake during the early hours to listen to different stations across the world. After writing to let them know that…Read More

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Written by makmak on 06 Jun, 2000

The one great thing about Cuban Communism, as opposed to Chinese Communism (Cultural Revolution), is that the government has never supressed the arts. Cuban art and music is very colorful, and very pervasive in Cuban society. People are constantly dancing in…Read More

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Health Care in Cuba: Getting by with what's available

Written by am331 on 19 Sep, 2005

It makes a world of difference that we visited Cuba as medical students. I think I noticed an inherent respect afforded to students of the "healing professions" here, in a country which takes it so seriously. Cuba’s primary causes of death are similar to those of…Read More

Bring medical supplies!

Written by alex b on 04 Sep, 2002

There is a dangerous lack of basic medical supplies in Cuba. Hospitals find themselves overstaffed (the medical education in Cuba is top notch) as their are more doctors than medicine. Items that we take for granted, band aids, condoms, asprin, are not readily availible…Read More

Fares, Fees, and Fines

Written by El Gallo on 14 Oct, 2001

There are several possible itineraries for the Cancun Havana cruise. At present the three day itinerary leaves Friday morning, allows passengers ashore in Havana from around 11:00 to 19:00 on Saturday, and returns Sunday evening. The four day trip leaves at midday…Read More

Not Floor Show...Deck Show

Written by El Gallo on 14 Oct, 2001

A special bonus of taking The Boat is the after-dinner show. There are shows in the main salon every night after dinner. Two shows a night, in fact, since there are two sittings of dinner. This is the "cruisiest" event on the…Read More

Water, Water Everywhere...And Some Of It On Deck

Written by El Gallo on 14 Oct, 2001

Ultimately, a cruise has to be viewed from the perspective of being on a boat in the water: otherwise you could do it all in Vegas. Whatever diversions might offer themselves below, you aren't really there until you walk out on deck. That's…Read More

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