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A Brief Stay at the Old Darling Hotel (a.k.a. the quick hijack-bait-and-switch)

Written by Hun Ohm on 20 Mar, 2005

A Brief Stay at the Old Darling Hotel (aka the quick hijack-bait-and-switch) By Hun Ohm Spend enough time roving around a country, and you’re bound to encounter more than your fair share of stories regarding accommodations. Here’s one of our brief cautionary tales: When we arrived in…Read More

Special places

Written by GerryStaysFree on 12 Jul, 2004

I discovered a spot which gave a wonderful view of the Lake. I had a few good doses of mochaccino here to chill out and hide away temporarily from the crowds and the noise. Highlands Coffee is located on the fourth floor of the tallest…Read More

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First Impressions - The Old Quarter

Written by GerryStaysFree on 12 Jul, 2004

There were so many old shops, and each street crisscrossed the other, traditionally selling the wares the name of the street implied. In today’s terms, e.g. Hang Trong – means the street which essentially sells drums (although I haven’t seen any), Hang Gai – sells…Read More

Dangers and Annoyances

Written by ShannonBrooke on 28 Mar, 2004

In Hanoi, you need to be on your guard. There are several types of annoyances, from overeager postcard sellers, to insane motorists, and finally, young teenage boys with nasty ideas in mind. We ran into several of them in a single night. Post-card sellers…Read More

A week in HanoiVietnam and Cambodia, July 03-24, 2002

Written by missalg on 17 Jun, 2004

Hanoi Airport is a bit utilitarian looking after Singapore you-will-spend-money Airport, but after 34 hours of travel time I wasn’t complaining. Ky, Untour’s Hanoi rep, met me at the airport and we took a taxi to the bank where I became a millionaire by exchanging…Read More

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Wandering Around Hanoi

Written by susanf on 28 Oct, 2000

Hanoi is a very pleasant place to walk. The city is attractive, friendly, and safe, and the street scenes are endlessly interesting. Like my home town of Minneapolis, Hanoi is a city of lakes. Hoan Kiem Lake (The Lake of the Sword) is right in…Read More

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Paddling Down the Perfume River

Written by susanf on 28 Oct, 2000

Our hotel offered a number of tours ranging from day trips to three to four day excursions to other parts of North Vietnam. The first one we tried was the Perfume River tour--a day trip to a shrine not far from Hanoi. It was an…Read More

Tea Time in Hanoi

Written by Jason on 11 Jul, 2000

There are fewer things more relaxing or enjoyable than sitting down to a late afternoon cup of tea. In Hanoi, more than any other Asian city I've visited revels in this time honored tradition, which is a good thing because it can be a…Read More

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10-day Alone Trip in Vietnam, Once in a Lifetime!

Written by Loonlin on 25 Jan, 2007

Ten days in Vietnam with only ME—it's not easy and not too hard to try. I start my journey by train from Hanoi to Danang and then take a public bus to Hoi-An, an old dream city that everyone said is cool! The original way…Read More

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Noi Bai Airport

Written by HiramAbif on 22 Dec, 2005

They say that first impressions matter and do get engraved in your memory. When we decided to go to Vietnam back in 2001, we did our little study primarily from the Rough Guide and other sources , but at the end of the day we…Read More

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