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Off to Halong Bay - a story of Vietnamese roadtrip

Written by MichaelJM on 02 Nov, 2011

We’d stayed in Hanoi for two nights and were about to leave the Moevenpick Hotel (see separate review) to stay overnight on a boat, before returning to the Moevenpick for a final night in Hanoi. We knew that we were in for a long drive…Read More

What an interesting introduction to a country

Written by MichaelJM on 02 Nov, 2011

Our journey from Hanoi airport to the centre of town and our hotel couldn’t have been any different to the journey in Laos. In Laos the road trip was tranquil and without incident. The main Laos Road was narrow and fairly free of traffic and…Read More

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Things to Do in Hanoi -- A Shortlist, Part One

Written by Hun Ohm on 20 Mar, 2005

Things To Do in Hanoi – A Shortlist, Part One By Hun Ohm We spent a total of six days in Hanoi. Too much? Well, the northern capital has enough nooks and crannies to merit this amount of time for exploration, and it also serves…Read More

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Take the E Train!

Written by Ishtar on 05 May, 2005

Romance is a very subjective issue at times, particularly when it comes to trains. I have always loved traveling on the rails, perhaps ever since I was introduced to Tokyo’s bullet trains some years ago. Foreseeing this journey, we had booked our tickets for the…Read More

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Vietnam is Home Now

Written by Ishtar on 22 Apr, 2005

Is it with puzzlement or a bit of envy that we look at ex-pats? Actually, there isn’t much difference between an ex-pat and an immigrant, except that oftentimes, an immigrant arrives to a designated country by design rather than by choice. In our travels over…Read More

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Why the Emeraude?

Written by Ishtar on 22 Apr, 2005

The Emeraude is a product of one man’s quest into history who was so intrigued and fascinated by the beauty of the boats he had seen in Hai Phong harbor that he embarked on a two-year search which took him to the French Maritime Museum,…Read More

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The Road to Ha Long Bay

Written by Ishtar on 22 Apr, 2005

We had been in Vietnam for close to 2 weeks now, and each day brought exhilaration and discovery beyond what we could visualize. As every trip has its high points, I had studied Ha Long Bay prior to arriving here, together with some of our…Read More

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Crazy Food and Traffic on Fruit Shake Street

Written by bettybetty10 on 17 Jul, 2008

We got this walking map from the hostel around the corner from our hotel. It was great, and it had a top 10 things to do in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. One of them was to visit the famed "Fruit Shake Street". After an early dinner…Read More

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Hanoi Side Trips

Written by Hun Ohm on 27 Mar, 2005

Hanoi Side Trips By Hun Ohm There are a number of worthwhile side trips that can be made using Hanoi as your base. We opted to use Handspan Adventure Travel to help arrange our overnight journeys, and we were not disappointed. Here’s a brief recap…Read More

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Things to Do in Hanoi -- A Shortlist, Part Two

Written by Hun Ohm on 27 Mar, 2005

Things To Do in Hanoi – A Short List, Part Two By Hun Ohm Look, we know. Any short list with a "part two" is kind of a contradiction, right? But so it is with the options in Hanoi. Here’s the rest of the…Read More

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