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Detroit Warped Tour 2006

Written by lashr1999 on 18 Aug, 2006

We had told another friend that we would wake up early today so we could head to the tour early and try to find free parking before the crowds get there. Our plan was to meet up at 9 AM. My other friend…Read More

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Town Café

Written by lashr1999 on 14 Aug, 2006

210 South Fifth Street near the university This Middle Eastern restaurant just opened about 2 months ago and is quite close to the university. It is a small restaurant with some good middle eastern food. We ate some appetizers of Kibbeh and Dolma. Kibbeh are…Read More

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The Hands on Museum

Written by lashr1999 on 14 Aug, 2006

220 E Ann Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104 This is a pretty cool hands on museum geared towards kids. One the first floor you can create you own floor plans for a house and build a chimney. You can learn how a toilet works by…Read More

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Bd’s Mongolian Barbeque

Written by lashr1999 on 14 Aug, 2006

200 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 913-0999 Bd’s Mongolian Restaurant introduces you to a pretty cool, interactive dining experience. You create you own dish from ingredients that are provided. You can choose to follow the suggested recipes the restaurant provides or go off…Read More

Downtown Royal Oak

Written by MJB1103 on 08 Sep, 2005

If you get a chance, go to see Downtown Royal Oak. This is truly one of our best walking towns. Park your car in a structure or lot and start the walk up and down Main Street and Washington Street. You will find a mishmash of…Read More


Written by CraigK on 21 Jun, 2004

There is an area in the city’s center the locals call Greektown. It runs from Randolph to St. Antoine along Monroe Street and its about two city blocks long. The area might be small but since it hasn’t undergone the decay that the…Read More

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Downtown Detroit/First Impressions

Written by CraigK on 14 Jun, 2004

I ended up in downtown Detroit on Memorial Weekend with my family (don’t ask why, it’s a long story). The kids were kind of scratching their heads over my choice in weekend getaways. All their friends were heading to the beach or the…Read More

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Scenic Air Tours

Written by RyanFltAttdt on 17 Dec, 2002

Have you ever wanted to go up in the air, not as high as a jet, but high enough to give a different view on things? Well, I did, I have, and I want to tell you about it. Who knows. You may want to…Read More

Finding the Outlets

Written by tiltedhalo on 01 Dec, 2001

The largest outlet mall in this area is Birch Run located on I75 at exit 136. Bircch Run is run by Prime Outlets and boasts being one of the largest outlet malls in the US with over 147 outlet shops. I spent 2 full…Read More

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Three Dog Bakery

Written by lashr1999 on 14 Aug, 2006

550 Forest AvPlymouth, MI While walking around I saw the Thee Dog Bakery they have excellent looking cakes, cupcakes and cookies except they are made for dogs. If you did not see the name of the store you would probably take these goodies home to…Read More

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