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A Note on Colonial Calcutta

Written by phileasfogg on 11 Dec, 2009

As the fungus sprouts chaotic from its bedSo it spread—Chance-directed, chance-erected, laid and builtOn the silt—Palace, byre, hovel—poverty and pride—Side by side;—Rudyard Kipling, A Tale of Two Cities.This gloomy picture was supposed to be of Calcutta; Kipling obviously didn’t like the city much. Well, I…Read More

Glimpses of Kolkata

Written by phileasfogg on 08 Dec, 2002

Ask any Indian- or rather any urban, educated Indian- and he or she will tell you that India has five metropolises: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. And if the Indian you choose to question has a little bit of time to spare, he or…Read More


Written by ManuelaPop on 05 Aug, 2006

In the Streets of IndiaSudder Street looked so much different in the daylight. A few tobacco stores opened for business. On the left side, a couple of rickshaw drivers were lying down, sleeping inside their rickshaws, waiting for passengers. Not far away from them, a…Read More


Written by Vaidya on 02 Jan, 2006

If you look across the river from Belur Math you will see the small flight of stairs and a big crowd of villagers, shopkeepers, kids, and mothers. For a small fee the small boat takes you across. In the beginning you have a feeling that…Read More

Childhood rediscovered at Dynamotion

Written by Vaidya on 01 Aug, 2005

This section explains the basic fundamentals of physics – motion, collision, viscosity, acoustics, etc., in such a manner that it feels as though you are playing a game as you learn. The hall is very big, and there are a lot of exhibits scattered here and…Read More

Feeling like a deposed king in the Kolkata storm

Written by Vaidya on 02 Aug, 2005

The first stop on my cherished biryani trail was Aminia in New Market. The initial look – dirty streets, open windows, slightly unclean floors, waiters in red and maroon uniforms - turned me off. The walls lacked décor and the furniture was old and worn…Read More

Fort Radisson

Written by Vaidya on 26 Jun, 2005

Fort Radisson is a five-star hotel built on lines of an old Portuguese fort. It is made of red bricks. There are well-manicured gardens all around, which we often visited for a morning stroll along the river or for yoga classes conducted by the activity…Read More

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Cruising along the Ganges to Diamond Harbour

Written by Vaidya on 25 Jun, 2005

The map shows that the river Ganges broadens and is the widest at the Diamond Harbour. We found that the West Bengal Suface Transport Corporation (WBSTC) runs launches from Raichak to Kukerhatee and also from Kukehatee to Diamond Harbour. From the bar at Fort Radisson,…Read More

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The Ramakrishna Math at Belur

Written by Vaidya on 24 Jun, 2005

Belur math is the place where the first ashram in the memory of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was set up by his famous disciple Shri Vivekananda. This place is quite a distance away from the main bus stand (Dharamtala/Esplanade) of Kolkata. We wanted to save money,…Read More


Written by trainjunkie on 15 Sep, 2004

In November 2003, I traveled to Calcutta. Within India, I knew it as the cradle of India’s artistic and literary birthplace. It was the hub of India’s artistic intelligence. Calcutta had also been the star of Hollywood movies, such as "City of Joy," and in…Read More

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