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Leaving Bucharest

Written by TianjinPaul on 30 Sep, 2012

My girlfriend comes from the Eastern part of Bulgaria about an hour's drive from the Black Sea. Therefore, by a quirk of geography, her home is actually far closer to the Romanian capital of Bucharest than its Bulgarian counterpart Sofia. So, when we decided to…Read More

Time Travel

Written by TianjinPaul on 29 Sep, 2012

It may astound you to discover that not only can you catch a flight using Tarom or Lufthansa at Bucharest airport, but you can also enjoy a dose of time travel. Obviously, I do not mean actual time travel. That would be a rather ridiculous…Read More

Bucharest and Beijing

Written by TianjinPaul on 29 Sep, 2012

The premise of this article may sound a little far fetched. However, I am going to beg the reader to suspend judgement until the culmination of the next few paragraphs as I do believe the observations I am about to detail to be rather insightful.…Read More

History on Wheels

Written by TianjinPaul on 29 Sep, 2012

If someone were to ask me exactly what started my interest in travel and acted as the catalyst for my experiences in Mongolia, China and other far flung corners, I would argue that amongst many contributory factors was a book I read when I was…Read More

First Impressions of Romania

Written by TianjinPaul on 29 Sep, 2012

Over the course of my many travels, and before touching down in Bucharest, there had only been two places that set really over-powering first impressions as I landed. The first was Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia. I flew there from Shermetyevo in Moscow and, in so…Read More

Crossing the Border

Written by TianjinPaul on 29 Sep, 2012

As I grew up in the UK, the idea of crossing a border by land still seems a little alien (Scotland and Wales do not really count). When I hear such language, I always find myself thinking of Le Carre spy novels or of Bond…Read More

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Written by manatwork on 18 Apr, 2012

Brașov to Bucharest is less than 3 hours by train. Bucharest became the state capital of Romania in 1862, and today it is the largest city in the country. I arrived on a quiet Sunday as most businesses were closed. As soon as I get…Read More

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Tips About The "New" Otopeni Airport in Bucharest, Romania

Written by ChocolateLady on 06 Jun, 2010

The new terminal of the Bucharest Otopeni airport was built in 1999 and is very modern. The one anomaly here is that the first thing you’ll get to when you enter this building is the security check of your luggage. It is obvious to me…Read More

Dealing with Taxis at Bucharest's Train Station

Written by okiebob on 05 Jun, 2006

Con-artist taxis do a lot to hurt the image of Bucharest, and Romania, and word-of-mouth of travellers crossing Eastern Europe often echoes the rip-offs that start at the Bucharest train station. Many new arrivals walk out of the Gara de Nord (Bucharest's main train station)…Read More

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A Historic Overview

Written by 3mttours on 12 Dec, 2005

Bucharest was alternating with Curtea de Argeş (the first capital) and Târgovişte during the second half of the 16th century and the first half of the 17th century as the capital city of Valahia. The main residence of the ruling prince was directly dependent of…Read More

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