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Local Brews in Bratislava

Written by fizzytom on 07 Apr, 2013

When it comes to beer, the Czechs are quite rightly proud of their brews which are sold and enjoyed all over the world; brands such as Pilsener Urquell and Staropramen are not unusual or exotic, they can be found in pubs and bars across Europe…Read More

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Exploring Bratislava Old Town

Written by fizzytom on 11 Oct, 2012

People often talk of Bratislava’s Old Town as being compact but actually it’s rather sprawling with a dual carriageway (which becomes the famous Novy Most) cutting between the medieval core and Bratislava Castle, and the Presidential Palace almost stuck on a little island between the…Read More

Tourist Rip-Off

Written by mariakarob on 24 Sep, 2006

BEWARE: You have to buy tickets to use buses and stamp them within a minute of entering the bus. The scam works like this. Tourists come to the bus. One of them stamps the ticket, the driver gives a signal to the controller on a…Read More

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Always Be Prepared

Written by Re Carroll on 29 May, 2005

I blame the following on my mother: if she’d sent me to Girl Guides, I would have known the motto and been much better prepared for my trip to Bratislava.As the train left Vienna’s Sudbanhof station, the conductor came through to check tickets. Twenty…Read More

Vienna from Bratislava

Written by Amanda on 30 Jul, 2000

If you're travelling on a budget, and want to see something of Western Europe from the safe cheapness of the east, stay in Bratislava, and go to Vienna for a day. When I was first in Bratislava, with a group of friends, this is exactly…Read More

Dirty and sober in Slovakia

Written by ReneeClaire on 18 Jan, 2005

Don’t blink while you are in this tiny town, or you'll miss the snobby, uptight wait staff, the bad beer, and the smoke stacks. The town square takes a good half-day to really enjoy all the shopping and interesting hidden treasures. One example is…Read More

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The castle

Written by Tom X2 on 14 Jan, 2005

The Bratislava castle stands proud at the top of a hill north of the old city. It was constructed in the 15th century by King Sigismund, renovated by Empress Maria Theresa in 18th century, burned down by its own drunken soldiers in 1811, and fully…Read More

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A visit to the city centre

Written by Tom X2 on 14 Jan, 2005

We start our visit from the Hlavne namesti, the main square of Bratislava. Here lies the heart of the town, with all the outdoor café seating and the Roland fountain. Beautiful buildings surround the square. At the south end of the main square sits the…Read More

In the mood for a movie?

Written by Sharonka on 10 Jul, 2002

Only kids' films are dubbed in Slovakia, so if you're getting a bit bored of Slovak pubs, the cinema's a great alternative. For a taste of home, try the mulitplexes at Polus City Center (Vajnorska, tram 4 or 6 from town) or Aupark (Petrzalka, one…Read More

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Bratislava trip tip

Written by idigest on 15 Jun, 2012

Hire a canoe and use services of agencies which take you to neighboring historical town Hainburg and then paddle down the Danube River along historical Devin Castle ruins. The Danube is clean, you can swim in the river. Very nice day paddle trip takes about…Read More

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