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Crossing the Border

Written by angelsil on 04 Sep, 2003

So, you want to go to Egypt? While you can take an organized tour from Israel, it is far cheaper to travel on your own and you get the benefit of doing what you want on your own schedule. The easiest (and cheapest and way…Read More

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Yotvata Chocolate Milk

Written by angelsil on 26 Sep, 2003

Yotvata is a kibbutz (communal living community) about 30 minutes north of Eilat. It sits on an oasis and is the last pit-stop in the desert before coming to the Red Sea. There is a small rest facility, a round-about and a gas…Read More

the strip

Written by Breathmints on 22 Feb, 2002

In Eilat, along the coastline, there is about maybe a mile or two with just high class hotels like the Dan and Sheraton and Hilton, and this strip has great steak, Chinese, pizzerias, and Italian restaurants as well as a small theme park if the…Read More

Breathmints-number ONE on Geo game(16/01)-Israeli Day trip from Eilat

Written by Breathmints on 06 Jan, 2002

If your in Eilat, which you should be, take a day trip to the Negev or to Yotvata. Yotvata is a kibbutz exporting, distributing, mastering, and supplying dairy products mainly to Israel, and perhaps to countries closer to Isrtael such as Greece. The Negev…Read More

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