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Buddhist Dining for Vegetarians

Written by koshkha on 26 May, 2011

If you don't eat meat, eating in China can be a nightmare. There is absolutely nothing in the Chinese psyche which seems to be able to deal with the idea that a dish can't be made better by throwing in some meat. Even when you…Read More

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Guangzhou - Bullet The Yellow Sky

Written by Bill Pfeffer on 14 Mar, 2009

Is it possible that the residents of Guangzhou will never again see blue sky or that the children might grow up and never view the horizon, or expect sunsets to be anything but the fiery orb that now burns through the layers of the smog?…Read More

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China Southern Airlines

Written by AgedToPerfection on 31 Jan, 2007

I realize that an airline is not actually a destination. However, I felt tremendous anxiety before boarding and would have appreciated a review to allay my fears.China Southern Airlines provides the only direct flight between LAX and Guangzhou. While a direct flight appeals to me,…Read More

Train vs. Bus

Written by romaunt on 13 Jul, 2003

There were two ways that I traveled through China. When I first arrived in China, I decided that I didn't want to stay in the big city. Guangzhou was too big and too much. I thought that if I was in a smaller town, I…Read More

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Liurong Temple

Written by thewanderingpoet518 on 29 Aug, 2005

The Liurong Temple was built in 537 A.D. and named by a famed writer/calligrapher during the Song dynasty 500 years later. It is said when the man gazed on the six Bayan trees inside the grounds, he quickly wrote two characters liu and rong describing…Read More

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Strollin' and Shoppin'

Written by thewanderingpoet518 on 29 Aug, 2005

The island economy tends to cater to the adoptive parents. All the shops offer cute little dresses, squeaky shoes (imagine a dog's toy on the feet of a toddler running around your house), and various authentic Chinese souvenirs. One shop in particular really went out…Read More

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