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The "Peter Pan" of Latin America....my thoughts on the country of Brazil

Written by actonsteve on 04 Dec, 2004

If I was going to throw all the ingredients into the pot and create the ultimate destination, what would I use? Beaches? Yes, I suppose, though they're not a prerequisite. I only spend a fraction of my time on a beach. I once spent two weeks…Read More

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Horseriding in the Pantanal - bonding with the fazendeiros

Written by actonsteve on 04 Dec, 2004

Whenever I see a bucket set beside a fisherman, I just can't help but look in. This time, I was pleasantly rewarded. Swimming around a battered plastic bucket were two small fish, not more then five inches long. They were going at tremendous speed, whizzing around…Read More

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A trip down the piranha-filled Rio Paragui - taking a motor canoe upriver

Written by actonsteve on 04 Dec, 2004

"A giant anteater! A giant anteater!" I was relaxing in my room when the cry was heard. I immediately got up, grabbed the camera, and sprinted to where the noise was coming from. Just beyond the swimming pool is the start of the horse paddocks, and…Read More

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Nocturnal safari in the swamp of 32 million crocodiles

Written by actonsteve on 04 Dec, 2004

The hissing of the crocodiles was the most nerve-wracking. This was followed by a deceptive waddle as they hauled themselves out of the water and onto the land. Their eyes were fixed on the meat, and their jaws opened in response to an easy meal.…Read More

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Escorted walk in the Pantanal...and the animal at the end of the alphabet..

Written by actonsteve on 04 Dec, 2004

Morning at the Pousada Aguape is memorable. Have you ever heard the dawn chorus in South America? Sqawking, twittering, cawing, melodic birdsong -- all occur as soon as the sun comes up. The volume is excruciating. It woke me up, and I staggered out the door…Read More

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The Practicalities of the Pantanal - or how not to let the tourist attractions eat you...

Written by actonsteve on 04 Dec, 2004

"It is possible, but by no means certain, that the party was massacred by Indians in the Matto Grosso. In the last few chapters, I have described in great detail an attempt by three white men, carrying their own equipment and provisions, to make a…Read More

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Peccaries Research

Written by Norman on 07 Nov, 2006

Peccaries are hog-like animals that primarily eat fruits and plants. A full grown peccary measure 3 to 4 feet in length and weighs between 45 and 90 pounds. They form herds and have large ranges. Peccaries are important prey for large carnivores in the Pantanal.…Read More

Andreas e Fran in Pantanal

Written by Andreas e Fran on 30 Dec, 2001

A unique and unlimited place in its beauty is Pantanal! It is a journey of adventure and fantasy, a journey in the heart of Brazil in the opposite side of a rain forest and its rivers. The place is magic from any aspect. An immense…Read More

Seven Days in the Pantanal

Written by Piluqui on 30 Jan, 2007

I had the best tour of my life. My boyfriend and I took a 7-day tour in the Pantanal; after checking for other tour companies, we picked the guys from Pantanal Trackers because they had the tour we were looking for. We visited three different…Read More

An Adventure in the Pantanal

Written by pipa ibagaza on 22 Jan, 2007

I had a such a great experience in the Pantanal: for the first time, I had a chance to spot a jaguar in the wild. I took a tour starting in Cuiabá through Poconé. I picked Pantanal Trackers Tour, and the guide is a local,…Read More

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