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Magical Fireflies

Written by dkm1981 on 18 Mar, 2011

One of the trips you can organise from the Rasa Ria resort is the fireflies boat trip which is absolutely a must. Check before you book / go though because the fireflies cannot be seen if it is raining or if it is a full…Read More

Dangerous driving

Written by nefertiti_thakrar on 24 Aug, 2004

Driving in Borneo is fantastic. Not that I drove, of course, but even being driven in Borneo is great. This is because, used to the cautious 30mph of my mother's driving, I found Malaysian drivers absolutely crazy. They have clearly never read their nation's Highway…Read More

Tiger Beer...god's gift to the traveller

Written by nefertiti_thakrar on 24 Aug, 2004

What can I say...God Bless Tiger Beer. Forgive the blasphemy, but it's the truth. When you're a million miles from home, in a bad mood, and your team are driving you insane...take solace in Tiger Beer. Admittedly foul tasting, often served lukewarm by a sleazy…Read More

Broken engine at 5000 feet

Written by nefertiti_thakrar on 24 Aug, 2004

If you're ever in Borneo, make sure you fly from Miri to Bario. It's a truly terrifying experience. Well, it's not really, unless you have a psychotic/suicidal pilot, a fault engine, a broken propeller and your water bottle, well, there's no other word for it,…Read More

Good old MJ

Written by nefertiti_thakrar on 24 Aug, 2004

If there's one piece of advice I'd give to any departing traveler, it would be a) to take an amazing group of people with you and b) to take a fun, if tacky, stash of music (preferably tapes) to keep you going. My group had…Read More

My team

Written by nefertiti_thakrar on 24 Aug, 2004

I'm afraid this journal is sort of going to go backwards, as I've recently arrived home and am missing travelling so much that all I want to do is dwell on the past thirty-something days. So, I'm not going to follow the trip in a…Read More

Birmingham to Malaysia

Written by EdGough on 12 Feb, 2003

Sat 11 Aug: Waiting for flight in Birmingham Airport. How I loathe this place!!! Sat 11 Aug: Waiting in Dubai now. Wicked architecture. Had a good first leg. Emirates are good. Sat by cool guy and had a good laugh. I can't wait for KL! Dubai: As we approached, all…Read More

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