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Around Ronda

Written by proxam2 on 11 Jul, 2012

When we were visiting the Costa del Sol at the end of May, we decided to take a day-trip to RONDA. Of course, being situated so very close to the concrete jungle of the Costa del Crime, 50km or around an hour's drive, coupled with…Read More

Bridges, bull fights and Madonna!

Written by catsholiday on 25 Sep, 2010

Ronda, Andalucia, SpainRonda is apparently Andalucía's fastest-growing town after Sevilla and Granada and is bigger than Cordoba. Ronda is still a very Spanish town with all the driving difficulties that presents and I would suggest leaving the car on the outer edges of the town…Read More

One of Spain's Best los Pueblos Blancos

Written by Praskipark on 16 Dec, 2009

The town of Ronda lies in an impressive position on a steeply dropping rocky plateau, split asunder by a very narrow 100 metre deep gorge, known as El Tajo. The southern part of the town, the Ciudad, consists of the old town, which was founded…Read More

Ronda and the White Towns

Written by fatjaz on 02 Jan, 2002

Southern Spain is famous for its little white towns. Each one has its own character and is situated on some mountain side to set-up a picturesque scene. Ronda is a town that must been seen and is a good starting point to explore…Read More

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Andalusian Beauty

Written by sam and ofi on 24 Dec, 2001

Ronda has a way of communicating peace and beauty through its simple old buildings, whitewashed homes gardens, beautifully adorned wooden doors, and windy narrow, lanes and alleys. From what we saw and read this typifies the Andalusian vision of space and beauty. Before going to Spain a friend leant…Read More

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Stay in Ronda`s parador

Written by Zhebiton on 25 May, 2012

This small town is located 130 kilometers from the capital of Andalusia in the direction of Africa and 117 kilometers from Malaga. In the center of a huge gaping "crack" the depth of 120 meters."New Bridge", built in the 18th century, is so monumental, that…Read More

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Ronda, Spain

Written by Zhebiton on 21 Jun, 2011

Passing along a little break, we went to the Royal arena, built in the 18th century to train cavalry. For a long time, the arena remained the largest in the world. By the way, was born in Ronda bullfight in its present form. Once in…Read More

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Written by raherahn on 14 Jan, 2008

Set amid the Andalucian mountains, Ronda is pleasant little town. The gorge running straight through the center of town creates a dramatic accent as the building hugs its cliffs. Walking on the terrace alongside the large hotel leads to a small fragile balcony hanging precipitously…Read More

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Written by Jamaparker on 19 May, 2007

The drive to Ronda in itself is an adventure. Ronda is hidden in a valley high up in the mountains and the mountain road is long and winding. This ancient city is filled with history and has the oldest bullring in Spain. Puerto Nuevo is…Read More

Touring Ronda and the Pueblos Blancos

Written by Coronado Bob & Berie on 04 Apr, 2004

The Moorish mountain city of Ronda is just beautiful. The Puente Nueva (new bridge) above a 300-foot gorge is breathtaking. The houses built along the gorge are a sight to behold. It’s a busy, friendly place to tour, shop, and have a…Read More

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