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Full Moon Party on Ko Phangan

Written by Vagabondo on 26 Dec, 2006

Full Moon Party Environment As the name suggests, this expansive beach party takes place on nights in which the moon, as determined by a lunar calendar, is scheduled to be full (which happens about 12 times per year). The party, which attracts some 10,000 revelers each…Read More

What Did I Do Before Buckets?

Written by kiwilee on 07 Aug, 2002

If you are coming to Thailand looking for a good time, then there is no way you can pass up the offer of a Bucket.Consisting of ice, Sang Som (Thai rum) and Red Bull, this potent mix is sure to get your night up and…Read More

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A Beginners Guide to Ko Phan Ngan

Written by kiwilee on 06 Aug, 2002

If you are still fairly new to Thailand when you make your pilgrimage to Ko Pha Ngan, you may be in for a shock when you step off the boat. At the end of the pier stands a swarm of locals all with signs and yelling…Read More


Written by juliedianefrances on 25 Nov, 2001

On this part of the island there seems to be rather a lot of Gekos (small lizards). Actually that's an understatement, the place is infested with them. They can easily enter your bungalow and they chirp loudly - very annoying. They were the reason…Read More

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