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The Ghosts of Gettsyburgh

Written by travelcp09 on 05 May, 2006

Now when I first found out about "Ghosts of Gettysburg," I thought it was just a hoax to attract visitors from all over. Though I was certainly wrong. Even though I do not believe in ghosts, I find the stories about them interesting. Not the…Read More

Storming Culp's Hill

Written by Joekirr on 16 Aug, 2005

Having read a book called "Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill" by Harry Pfanz a short time before my trip, I took it upon myself to storm Culp's Hill just like the Confederates attempted during the Battle of Gettysburg. Culp's Hill is adjacent to Spangler's…Read More

The Reasons for the Trip

Written by Joekirr on 13 Aug, 2005

Every time we went on vacation as a family when I was a kid, my dad always fit something of historical relevance into the trip. Whether it be a fort, battlefield, baseball field or anything that would be of importance to the history of…Read More

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Gettysburg Reflection

Written by motesk on 24 Jul, 2005

The Gettysburg National Battlefield is a pilgrimage that I believe that every American should make during their lifetime. We were staying in Massanutten, VA (only about a 3-hour car ride) and decided to head up there to pay our respects and learn more about…Read More

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The Gettysburg Address

Written by Linda Kaye on 19 Nov, 2001

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln dedicated the Gettysburg National Cemetery. His speech lasted only two minutes and contained 266 words, but went into history as the immortal Gettysburg Address. Lincoln arrived by train at Gettysburg on November 18, and reportedly…Read More

Excellent Place for Ghost Hunting

Written by steelersgal78 on 24 Oct, 2005

I am a huge ghost believer, and Gettysburg was the place where I knew I'd find ghosts. After doing much research, I discovered that most of the tours in Gettysburg do not take you to the Triangular Field. This field has the most ghost activity.…Read More


Written by nomad soul on 29 Jan, 2005

Our first trip out of state was to historic Gettysburg. It is definitely a trip I will take again and again. My son is 11 years old and my stepson is 8 years old. They seemed to enjoy all the old artifacts and learning about…Read More

The Finding of the Memorial

Written by Joekirr on 13 Aug, 2005

It was important for me to find the memorial for the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Even though my Great-Great Grandfather's name is on the Pennsylvania Monument-along with anyone else from Pennsylvania who fought in the Civil War--I felt a need to make a more direct…Read More

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