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Wandering Perugia

Written by moatway on 06 May, 2004

Driving into Perugia from the south isn’t particularly difficult for although the city sprawls over a considerable area, the historical city center is actually quite small. If you follow the signs to the Piazza d’Europe, you will come to a large parking garage priced at…Read More

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Predeparture- 1 week to go- Entry #4

Written by Far Afield on 14 Dec, 2004

One week to go. I don't know about you, but before a big trip like this, I tend to get the butterflies. Time seems to alternate between madly racing towards departure time and dragging on forever. As the date approaches, we've continued to make preparations, scouring…Read More

Predeparture-The Villa- Entry#2

Written by Far Afield on 06 Nov, 2004

This week I made the second payment on the villa with Doorways in Bryn Mawr. If you have never rented a villa, it can be challenging (if your schedule doesn't match theirs) and expensive--like renting a house at the shore for a week.…Read More

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Predeparture - Entry #1

Written by Far Afield on 03 Oct, 2004

The tickets booked, we have begun to plan the actual trip. We will be meeting our daughter after her study abroad program is complete for an almost two-week stay in Italy. Planned destinations are Umbria, Perugia and Assisi, Tuscany, Florence and Pisa, and…Read More

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Accommodation Solution: Atena Service

Written by DrMaximus on 10 Mar, 2002

If you are planning on staying and perhaps studying in Perugia, you will do well getting yourself an apartment. For foreigners this is usually a major problem because Italian bureaucracy hardly allows for such arrangements. The University is affiliated with Atena Service, which locates accommodation…Read More

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University for Foreigners of Perugia

Written by DrMaximus on 10 Mar, 2002

Many students from all over the world congregate in what has been declared the most famous Foreigners' University in all of Italy. Courses run several sessions a year, with five levels of competency. The fifth level takes 6 months while the other levels each take…Read More

Walkable Itineraries

Written by DrMaximus on 03 Mar, 2002

With the help of a city map readily available at the main ‘TouristPoint’ offices (at the Stazione Ferrovia FS, another beside the Fontana Maggiore at Corso Vannucci, or also conveniently located is another at Piazza Partigiani). The city has followed a "star-shaped" growth as a…Read More

Day 8 - Florence (again) & back to Cetona

Written by Far Afield on 29 Jan, 2005

As noted in the previous entry, we spent the evening of our seventh day in a small town called Empoli. Empoli is right off the autostrada about halfway between Pisa and Florence. (See hotel entry.) The only remarkable thing about Empoli was…Read More

Day 7 - Siena & Pisa

Written by Far Afield on 04 Jan, 2005

After spending Sunday in Perugia again, on Monday we made our way through the Tuscan countryside to the northwestern coast of Italy and Pisa. The southern Tuscan region is mostly mountain and hills. It's hard to compare it to a place in the…Read More

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Day 3 - Perugia & Assisi

Written by Far Afield on 02 Jan, 2005

December 23, 2004 - In the first 3 days in Italy, we've covered a lot of ground - and I do mean a lot! Day 3 saw us back in Perugia, then on to Assisi, and finally back to Perugia for dinner before heading…Read More

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