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Other Sights in Dachau II

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 17 Jun, 2011

I only spent three days in Bavaria and I now regret not spending more time here with my friend Helga and her family. The people in Bavaria are very nice and the architecture and sights are out of this world. I made the…Read More

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Getting There Was Half The Fun!

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 12 May, 2011

My 2011 European vacation to see friends in Germany, The Netherlands and Italy started off smoothly with my flight from Pensacola to Miami being on time. My second leg of the the trip from Miami to London's Heathrow Airport started off fine, too, but…Read More

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Other Sights in Dachau

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 23 Oct, 2005

Dachau's Crematorium and never used gas chamber along with its museum are two of the most known sights within the concentration camp, but this entry will cover some of the other lesser-known sights within Dachau. The Kommandant's House is located towards the back of Dachau…Read More

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The Town of Dachau

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 30 Oct, 2005

My friend Helga lives in Dachau, Germany, and I visited her in September 2001. At the time, she was living in the nearby town of Lauterbach with her partner Peter and their two daughters, Vera and Denise. They preferred to live in the town of…Read More

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Life in the Dachau Concentration Camp

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 24 Oct, 2005

As I rode the train from Ingolstadt to Dachau to meet my friend Helga in September 2001, my imagination ran rampant. I was transported to Nazi Germany and wondered how it was for people who crossed the Hitler regime, getting deported to Dachau Concentration Camp.…Read More

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The Dachau Gas Chamber and Crematorium

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 27 May, 2004

Dachau Concentration Camp was a camp set up by the Nazis to imprison Jews, political prisoners, clergymen, homosexuals, and Soviet prisoners of war from 1933 to 1945. Unlike Auschwitz, where the majority of the people sent there were gassed to death, the SS guards…Read More

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