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Xia Li

Written by TianjinPaul on 04 Aug, 2010

When I first moved to Tianjin in 2006, I lived in a small town about 25km away from the city centre. To get to and from the city I could either take the rather dirty city bus or the ultra-sleek, but rather expensive new light-rail…Read More

Spring Festival Fireworks

Written by TianjinPaul on 04 Aug, 2010

The image I had of Spring Festival – or Chinese New Year as I knew it before I moved to the Middle Kingdom – was off dramatic fireworks displays and acrobats dressed in flamboyant dragon costume's. I enjoyed Spring Festival like this in 2008 in…Read More

Tomb Sweeping Day

Written by TianjinPaul on 04 Aug, 2010

If I am honest, the fundamental meaning behind Tomb Sweeping Day was lost on me for much of my time in China. I had heard Chinese friends and colleagues talk about it from time-to-time. They mentioned that they sometimes went back to their hometown or…Read More

The (Not So) Golden Weeks

Written by TianjinPaul on 01 Aug, 2010

For those of you unfamiliar with Chinese National Holidays, the Golden Weeks are three week-long holidays given to almost all workers in China. These take place at Spring Festival – which changes dependent on the lunar calendar – May 1st and October 1st, which is…Read More

The Silk Road Comes to Tianjin

Written by TianjinPaul on 28 Jul, 2010

History and politics in China are scarcely ever objective subjects. This is particularly true of twentieth century Chinese history. Whilst the likes of Qin Shi Huang and Confucius tend to escape being labelled imperialists or reactionaries, anything in the past century is fair game for…Read More

Gan Bei!

Written by TianjinPaul on 28 Jul, 2010

My knowledge of the Chinese term Gan Bei began in my first month in Tianjin. I had arrived in the city to teach at a school in the Dong Li area of the city. Dong Li is not the nicest area of the city. It…Read More

Rehabilitating Tofu

Written by TianjinPaul on 20 Jul, 2010

Let's begin this journal entry by establishing one thing, I am no fan of Tofu. In fact, for the most part, I absolutely hate the stuff. My hatred goes back a long way. It starts when I was eighteen when I was working as a…Read More

Romance of the Rails

Written by TianjinPaul on 11 Jun, 2010

My relationship with Chinese trains began in 2006 as my buddy Os and I backpacked our way around northern and central China. During this period it was a relationship defined by my sense of wonder and awe. The idea of winding and dragging our way…Read More

The Day the Rains Came

Written by TianjinPaul on 11 Jun, 2010

As I stared out of my office window, I saw the raining coming down heavily and bouncing on the street. In truth, this was not too unusual. Rain in northern China tends to come either torrentially or not at all. My only major concern was…Read More

Health and Safety - Chinese Style

Written by TianjinPaul on 19 May, 2010

China has seen its share of death and tragedy over the past decade. First there was the SARS epidemic. The death toll of which was estimated by the government ti be in the hundreds, but most probably extended far higher. There have also been floods…Read More

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