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So Prone to Sopron

Written by proxam2 on 09 Aug, 2012

After leaving Slovakia, we drove through a corner of Austria on our way to Sopron in Hungary. SOPRON, and the area around it, is surrounded almost completely by Austria. In fact a referendum was held there after WW1 - the break-up of the Austria-Hungarian Empire,…Read More

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Varkerulet and around

Written by Tom X2 on 15 Oct, 2004

Outside the inner city and around the walls fortified it, there is some pleasant squares and a circular road, named Ogabona ter, Petofi ter, Szechenyi ter and Varkerulet. Ogabona (old Corn-Market) and Petofi ter have some medieval houses at their sides and a lot of parking…Read More

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Sopron's Inner City

Written by Tom X2 on 15 Oct, 2004

The Inner City until the end of 18th century was fortified. Remains of the fortifications you can see at several points of the city. You could enter only from the two gates, Elokapu (front gate) and Hatsokapu (rear). We enter from Elokapu and through a…Read More

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A day-trip to Koszeg

Written by Tom X2 on 15 Oct, 2004

A one-day trip by car, from Sopron that will show us another medieval fortified city at the borders with Austria, which also voted to stay faith to Hungary after World War I (in 1921). We leave Sopron, from east towards Sarvar and at the small village…Read More

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