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Walking The Parks of Santiago de Compostela

Written by sararevell on 07 May, 2007

Information about any of the main parks around Santiago de Compostela was sadly lacking from our guidebooks. Fortunately we had picked up a map of the “historical town” (with a larger area map on the back) from the airport. The map handily indicates camera symbols,…Read More

Galician Cuisine

Written by Montse on 07 Oct, 2001

Much of Galician cuisine is focused around seafood, this is expected since it is a coastal area. Not being a fan of seafood, I tried a limited number of these specialties, and needed to find other foods to try. I thought I'd list some of…Read More

Studying at the University of Santiago

Written by Montse on 08 Oct, 2001

After 3 years of working without a vacation, I decided to take some much needed time off. I'd always wanted to go to Spain, so that decision was simple. But, what next? I looked at student exchange programs and found that it would cost $5000…Read More

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End of the Road

Written by Craig Randall on 19 Mar, 2005

This is what it's all about. This is what we'd traveled so far to experience. For me, it was a sort of homecoming. I hadn't entered Compostela for almost ten years. I hadn't walked the sacred streets of the casco viejo…Read More

El Camino de Santiago (The Inner Way)

Written by jorgejuan on 04 Apr, 2006

In the year 813 the sepulchre of the Apostle Saint James was found in Galicia, northwest of Spain. The news spread all around the Christian world and in 1123, a French presbyter made the pilgrimage on horse to visit that tomb in the then called…Read More

Galician cuisine

Written by janebubb on 08 Aug, 2001

Seafood is the specialty of the region, but since seafood is only good if fresh, you must be careful with the restaurants you pick in order to have a satisfying meal. Santiago has its own specialty dessert, called the "Torta de Santiago." It's…Read More

Travel around Spain on student's budget

Written by Lindsey_elizabeth84 on 29 Jun, 2005

There are tons and tons of awesome placesa to go in Spain, and of course, you want to see them all! Luckily, there are a lot of affordable options. Although not the most comfortable, you can get all around Spain on buses and trains at…Read More

Getting There

Written by Craig Randall on 14 Jan, 2005

There is much to prepare if you're planning to cycle the Camino. I'll add a few things that I did that may be helpful. While training for such a long ride, I decided early to dedicate to a routine that would have me alternate from hilly…Read More

Pan Artesan Atroia - Santiago

Written by janebubb on 10 Aug, 2001

When you walk by the tourist shops in Santiago, you will often be offered samples of Santiago's signature cake, called "Torta de Santiago." Despite the cheesy marketing, the cake itself can be excellent, a dense, sweet, almond-flavored cake with a smooth texture, topped with…Read More

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Unwilling Pilgrim

Written by dj_canela on 19 Oct, 2005

During this trip to Europe, we visited Vezelay, where the remains of Mary Magdalene are housed. We continued our route through San Sebastian onward to Santiago de Compostela. It wasn't until we reached Santiago that I realized we had traveled the same route as the…Read More

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