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Volunteering in San Macos

Written by turf2 on 13 Jul, 2005

I have been volunteering during my trip through Latin America in order to experience daily life in the places I visit and to give something back to the communities that welcome me and other travelers. I share my experience here as an example of how…Read More

Volunteering in and around Xela

Written by turf2 on 06 Jul, 2005

Volunteering is a great way to step off the gringo trail, really get to really know the places you visit, and contribute a bit more than your tourist dollar. Xela and the surrounding area offer countless ways to get involved, whether your interests lie…Read More

Fun or Chaos at the Beach in Guatemala

Written by rockstar11 on 03 Apr, 2006

A few friends and I went on a trip with the language school that we were studying at. It was probably the worst trip ever taken, yet the one with the most memories. First our bus does not get there on time, but it gets…Read More

Happy Family

Written by spanishschool on 07 Jul, 2005

In order to get to know host families for ConeXion Xela, I'm living with one family after another every week. This is the way I've gotten to know many Spanish teachers last year, and I'm doing the same with host families now. It's been 5…Read More

Language School

Written by turf2 on 13 Jul, 2005

Sure, you don't NEED to know Spanish to travel in Latin America. Charades and a few words will get you by. Like a drunk tourist told me on the beach, "you don't need grammar. They get it. Dos cervezas. Two." His wife countered that learned…Read More

Doña Esperanza

Written by spanishschool on 12 Jul, 2005

Yesterday I visited Doña Esperanza (Doña is commonly used substitution for Señora or Mrs. here in Guatemala) with Mario, who is one of the teachers of ConeXion Xela. Mario was helping me shop around for a cell phone. We were a bit tired walking around…Read More

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