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Visiting Ometepe Island

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Stories and Tips Ometepe Island

Ometepe Journal

Written by Todd W. on 05 Sep, 2007

The trip to Ometepe from Managua is exhausting. Train, plane, taxi, bus, taxi, boat, taxi. It took about 5 hours from when I hit the ground in Managua to get to my place on the island. Managua itself for a major city looks bombed out,…Read More

Ferry to Ometepe

Written by Baudet on 07 Nov, 2004

I was awakened this morning by little kids screaming and the sound of someone hammering. I left the room to go take a shower, but was stopped because Pirates of the Carribean was on the TV. After sitting through the whole movie, I made it…Read More


Written by shiraloo on 16 Apr, 2003

Hidden in one of the world’s poorest countries, Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island is an overlooked paradise. Less popular and cheaper than Costa Rica, the island boasts two majestic volcanoes, lush forests, incandescent waterfalls, and untouched beaches. The mostly Indian inhabitants are laid-back and gracious, which, combined…Read More

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