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Rail journeys from Jasper

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 02 Apr, 2011

Jasper's little heritage train station sees a veritable onslaught of trains, at least by Canadian standards, in the summer high season. Seeing the magnificence of the Rockies by train is certainly an attractive option and considering that the whole area was originally opened to visitors…Read More

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From Jasper to Kamloops onboard The Canadian

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 02 Apr, 2011

We board The Canadian for the last stretch of our cross-continent journey on a bautiful spring day in Jasper. We are going to Kamloops, nine hour away in British Columbia. The train ride from Jasper to Kamloops is another highly scenic stretch. The route climbs…Read More

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Sunny Banff

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 25 Mar, 2011

Banff is a major centre for tourism in the Canadian Rockies, the main town in the national park which bears its name and probably the most famous settlement in the area. But then, all of Canadian Rockies are about tourism. The European settlement of the…Read More

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Lake Louise in snowy May

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 09 Feb, 2011

Lake Louise is probably the most famous lake in the Canadian Rockies, know for its beautiful landscape, strikingly green-blue water colored by the rock flour carried from surrounding mountains and a luxury hotel (The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise) that's been standing on its eastern shore…Read More

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Awe at first sight: Magnificent Rockies

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 17 Jan, 2011

Our first glimpse of the Rockies is from a quintessential Albertan vehicle, a large, four wheel drive pick-up truck, looking mostly new but with a long crack in the bottom of the windscreen and a few other chips dotted around it. In the UK,…Read More

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Driving through the plains

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 23 Nov, 2010

Alberta is different. For the first time I feel we are truly in the west, and outside the realm of European civilisation – is it the right word in the context – maybe not. We still are, obviously, in the realm of European, or post-European…Read More

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Written by callen60 on 03 Mar, 2009

I had the wrong idea about Canmore. Since Canada 1 brings you to this growing town after 90 minutes of driving, with Banff still 20-30 minutes away, I had it in my mind that Canmore was in the foothills. So while planning for our 2pm…Read More

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Out and About: Winter in the Rockies

Written by callen60 on 28 Feb, 2009

We were married on a cold Michigan night 25 years ago, trudging through snowdrifts and road salt to the rehearsal dinner, our wedding, and the reception. Back then, it seemed appropriate to head south for a honeymoon, and we woke after a few brief hours…Read More

Winter Driving in the Canadian Rockies

Written by callen60 on 28 Feb, 2009

Canada’s Rockies are more accessible in winter (or other seasons) than you might initially suspect. It’s quickest to approach from Alberta, although it’s a longer but beautiful approach from Vancouver and the west. Calgary and Edmonton share the same longitude, four hours apart and directly…Read More

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Canada's Rockies: National Parks, or National Highways?

Written by callen60 on 28 Feb, 2009

The U.S. invented the national park in 1873 to protect Yellowstone’s fairyland of thermal features, although you might say that ‘reserving’ the Hot Springs of Arkansas in 1820 was the precursor to this landmark decision. Either way, Canada followed in those steamy footsteps by establishing…Read More

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