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Written by millsy99 on 05 Jun, 2001

In the larger towns on Elba, such as Portoferraio, Marina di Campo, and Cavo, there are lots of hotels and cottages available for rent. Restaurants are everywhere, along with tourist shops and gelaterias. (Lots will be closed if you go in the off-season.) ~~~~…Read More

Money and currency exchange

Written by Wasatch on 29 Jun, 2007

BEST BUYS IN CURRENCY CONVERSION: Number of Euros for $100 in May, 2007: Local bank before departure: cash= 71; on the ship: travelers checks= 69; bank: travelers checks= 71 Amex Office: Amex travelers checks= 71 and small change; CitiBank MasterCard credit card charges: 71 and…Read More

Gotta luv the Yaght

Written by tokyogirl216 on 10 Aug, 2006

Sailing with the girls from my Sienese study abroad class was an awesome trip well worth the cost which included the drive to the boat, food, and a weekend of feeling like we were queens of the world on our own little yaght! And we…Read More

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