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Driving in Costa Rica

Written by Philly_Girl on 26 Aug, 2005

My husband and I were not new to the "driving-in-foreign-countries-adventure" club, after having driven a tin can on wheels (the fabulous Twingo!) in Rhodes, Greece in 1998 and out-honking drivers in Israel in 1999. But driving a car in Costa Rica really took the…Read More

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The drive from San Jose to Manuel Antonio

Written by SFPhotocraft on 13 Sep, 2005

There are three main choices from getting from San Jose International Airport and Manuel Antonio. The first is by bus; there are several bus companies that make this run. It's inexpensive but takes a long time. I wasn't up for spending my valuable…Read More

Parque Manuel Antonio

Written by serandal on 16 Nov, 2002

There is a visitor center just before the entrance to Manuel Antonio. Drinking water is also available outside, as well as several inexpensive restaurants. The park is open from 7am until 4pm. You can walk in earlier and then pay on your way out.There are…Read More

Manuel Antonio National Park

Written by kjun12 on 28 Apr, 2003

What a fine place. Just drive to the end of the road coming from Quepos and you're there. You will be directed where to park your vehicle. Getting into the park requires a walk through a small stream, so be prepared to take your shoes…Read More

Canopy Safari

Written by kjun12 on 28 Apr, 2003

Swinging through the trees was something I always wanted to do -- this is the next best thing. While tethered to a cable, you travel at varying speeds through the forest. Unfortunately, the area is visited so much that one would indeed be fortunate to…Read More

Cockatoo Bar

Written by kjun12 on 28 Apr, 2003

A top notch gay/lesbian bar located on the left side of the road on the way to Manuel Antonio National Park. Any city would be proud to have this architechturally fine place located there. The primary bar in on the first floor. It…Read More

Arco Iris bar

Written by kjun12 on 15 Jun, 2003

Located on the left side of the road just before you get to Quepos. Promoted as a Gay bar/disco but it is mixed. Meeting people is easy and pick-ups are possible. The place is somewhat large and not nearly as nice as Cockatoo. It is…Read More

Tutu bar

Written by kjun12 on 15 Jun, 2003

A bar/disco in the same location where Cockatoo bar was previously. Above the resturant Gato Negro. This is on the left side of the road on the way to Manuel Antonio park. Rather small but fun. Possible pick-ups here and dancing.…Read More

Jungle Room Bar

Written by kjun12 on 13 Jun, 2003

A new disco in Manuel Antonio. Open on Friday through Sunday beginning at 8pm. The place is exciting with a flare for good music. The crowd moves between here and Cockatoo on weekends.…Read More

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