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Service Concerns

Written by nonniepazonnie on 29 Jan, 2004

Service Concerns In my experience, having owned my off-season week for only one year, the service at Samoset is not reliable or responsive. In my dealings with front desk, reservation, billing, and other resort staff (not dining staff), I have been less than satisfied. I…Read More

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Resort Amenities

Written by nonniepazonnie on 24 Jan, 2004

This is a golf resort. So the amenities that are most superior are those that have to do with golf. Dining areas are also excellent. Beyond golf-related facilities, Samoset offers indoor and outdoor pools, weight room, aerobics, yoga, children's playroom, hot tubs, saunas, massage, game room,…Read More

j vance

Written by jvance on 03 May, 2001

For Gib Philbrick, any day is a good day for sailing if you're doing it. Philbrick is captain of the "Nathaniel Bowditch", a Maine coastal schooner whose cargo now is landlubbers looking for a taste of brine and the snapping sound of windfilled canvas. They…Read More


Written by kamryn on 02 Apr, 2003

Well what a fantastic experince this weekend getaway was! From the moment we checked in till we checked out, it was super! When we arrived at the check-in at the main clubhouse, which was an awesome with cathedral ceilings made with the original timbers of the…Read More

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Sightseeing within a half hour drive

Written by PaulandElaine on 23 Jun, 2004

One rainy day we visited the Owl's Head Transportation Museum, 2 miles south of Rockland. It is open year around and is home to a collection of antique aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, carriages, bicylces and engines. It houses a full sized replica of the Wright Bothers's…Read More

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Daily Activity Journal

Written by KenDurham on 19 Dec, 2004

Dec 04 Saturday We left Saint John, NB, at 12pm. It was sunny and cold. We drove to St Stephen, NB, and saw their Santa Claus parade. Then we walked to the used bookstore, just past customs to the USA. We then crossed the border with…Read More

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