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Cyclo Experience

Written by Essexgirl09 on 22 Sep, 2010

Whilst in Hue some friends and I decided it was time to experience a cyclo ride. A cyclo is basically a back-to-front rickshaw. The cyclist sits behind the passenger seat. There were four of us, so the two cyclo ‘drivers’, who were…Read More

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Written by miloetal on 18 Sep, 2005

Although only a distance of 140km this is really an all day adventure. We hired a car and driver for $30 through the Morin Saigon Hotel, so that we we could go at our own pace. Even the most budget-conscious can do the same trip…Read More

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Who are the Viet Kieu?

Written by Ishtar on 22 Jun, 2005

We never dreamed that we would have an opportunity to meet with any Viet Kieu while in Vietnam, much less share with them their feeling about their homeland, and what they left behind. Viet Kieu is the name given to expatriates living abroad, who last…Read More

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So you want to see Hue??

Written by Ishtar on 19 Jun, 2005

A cyclo driver on Le Loi Avenue finally had us convinced to use his services to get to the other side of the Perfume River. At this point, we had been accosted an untold number of times - always starting with the phrase "where are…Read More

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Arrival in Hue

Written by Ishtar on 19 Jun, 2005

In my earlier journal, I talked about train travel in Vietnam in some general terms. When I think back to our trip there, the first memories are always those of the train chugging along the tracks, at times making an enormous racket. Visions…Read More

In Search of Imperial Hue Style Foods

Written by Eric from Aiea on 26 Sep, 2007

Hearing about how great a difference there is in the foods from Central Vietnam from those in the North and the South is one thing, actually finding a good cookbook in English to tell you the specifics is quite another! I looked in several places…Read More

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Hot Times in Hue

Written by Eric from Aiea on 24 Sep, 2007

This was my second late August trip to Hue in four years, and the weather in Central Vietnam is often enough very predictable during this time of year - brutally hot with and a heavy dose of rain about 5pm each day that helps to…Read More

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Hai Van Pass

Written by miloetal on 18 Sep, 2005

The climb up Hai Van Pass reveals spectacular scenary as the pass spears out into the sea. Expect the possibility of wild and windy weather as you reach the peak. On the day that we were there, there was a visible curtain of rain washing…Read More

Baseball in Vietnam

Written by jennylee79 on 02 Mar, 2005

To really see how friendly and enthusiastic the people in Vietnam are, I suggest teaching them baseball. My friend who's teaching there and I spent one of her class periods teaching 30 Vietnamese university students the American pasttime. What a riot! They…Read More

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