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You'll Believe a Bear Can Fly

Written by koshkha on 18 May, 2011

My friend Pooh was always destined to fly. My husband adopted him for me on our first anniversary, noting that I needed someone to keep an eye on me when I was travelling. In nearly 13 years since then, he’s been a bear who ‘gets…Read More

Sunday Morning Bargain Hunting

Written by koshkha on 12 May, 2011

Once upon a time, Sunday mornings were for church but in the 21st century a sunny Sunday morning means only one thing to many people – Boot Fairs! Taking their name from their origins as gatherings where people sold their junk and surplus possessions from…Read More

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Stop # 5 - Stonehenge, End of the Line

Written by GB from Devizes on 10 Jan, 2008

The last stop on my trip today where the A360 meets the A303 is Stonehenge. This is situated another four miles south from Shrewton and around 3 miles west from Amesbury. It occupies an area of high ground and is today as always, blowing a…Read More

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Stop # 4 Imber - Ghost Village of the Plain

Written by GB from Devizes on 10 Jan, 2008

There’s a village right in the centre of Salisbury Plain that has become something of an enigma; it appears on few maps, is therefore difficult to locate, and more importantly, can only be accessed via a narrow road that the military opens up just a…Read More

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Stop # 3 Shrewton - the Sheriff's Town

Written by GB from Devizes on 10 Jan, 2008

Another five miles south brings me to the village of Shrewton. The surrounding area abounds with early settlements such as Addestone, Maddington, Rollestone and Bourton which are all part of the present-day parish. The three major estates of the area all formed together in 1236…Read More

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Stop # 2Tilshead - a Village Made of Flint

Written by GB from Devizes on 10 Jan, 2008

Returning to the car at West Lavington, I leave the village and head for Tilshead, a further four miles south along the A360. As I enter the place, I could be forgiven for assuming that it’s just another small military garrison with it’s “no tracked…Read More

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Stop # 1West Lavington - on the Plain's Boundary

Written by GB from Devizes on 10 Jan, 2008

Five miles south of Devizes on the A360 brings me to my first port-of-call, namely the village of West Lavington. The village is little more than one long street with a few side lanes that lead to some interesting and historic buildings. I must have…Read More

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A Walk Around Salisbury

Written by MichaelJM on 14 Jun, 2005

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the medieval city. We started in the cathedral grounds and spent some time examining the external architectural features of the cathedral. There are a great number of plinthed statues with fantastically preserved (or restored) features, and of course, no…Read More

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Cafés, Restaurants, and Greasy Spoons

Written by GB from Devizes on 18 Feb, 2005

Salisbury caters well to its many visitors, and just as it has a wide variety of pubs and bars, so too can it offer a similar range of eating establishments. As more and more of the city becomes pedestrianised, you have the additional option of…Read More

Cathedral Services

Written by golondon on 20 Dec, 2001

Our arrival in Salisbury was just in time for the Nativity Play at the Cathedral. The kids were darling, there was a real donkey and cute costumes. The Cathedral had placed carpets on the stone floor for kids to sit on near where…Read More

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