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Written by El Gallo on 16 Mar, 2001

Chetumal is more or less the center of the enshrinement of Mayan culture, probably because it is the main political site within the Mayan area. The state government is very much into depicting, glorifying, and ultimately claiming Mayan heritage. The Chetumal Civic Center…Read More


Written by maddaisy on 27 Jun, 2001

We travelled thru Chetumal twice, on the way to and from Belize. Originally, it was a place we had planned on visiting and we planned to stay 3 days. We left the next afternoon on the way down and as soon as possible the next…Read More

The Payo Obispo Model Village

Written by El Gallo on 16 Mar, 2001

This is the cutest damn thing. Adorable, bizarre, and wistful all at once. It's right across from the State Congress' huge green dome on the Malecon, the Maqueta de Payo Obispo. It's a tiny village, carefully constructed by an architect to be…Read More

Boy Heros Avenue

Written by El Gallo on 16 Mar, 2001

This is the main drag, head and shoulders. It runs through the downtown all the way from the pier up to the Mayab Museum. Once you stroll past the Cultural Ghetto, you hit a the Cocos hotel, a great spot to hang in…Read More

Floating Coffee House

Written by El Gallo on 15 Mar, 2001

This place is so cool, I don't even want to tell you about it. Nobody goes there, and it is waaaaaaaaaay cool. Anchored right off the main pier is a pontoon boat with a charming superstructure, a little houseboat, actually--and it's a COFFEE HOUSE!!!…Read More

The Bus Station

Written by El Gallo on 15 Mar, 2001

This is all most people see of Chetumal. You arrive here from Mexican points and depart for Belize. Or vice versa. It's the new kind of bus station, the kind that sucks. Instead of being downtown near stuff, it´s a huge cement…Read More

The Malecon

Written by El Gallo on 15 Mar, 2001

At the foot of Niños Heroes is a series of state parks, and the municipal pier. Once a ferry landing from Belize, the pier is not used mostly for fishing, making out, tying up boats, and site of a way cool floating coffee house…Read More

Herbal Drug Store

Written by El Gallo on 16 Mar, 2001

Another treat for Ucum habitants. Right across from the Pantoja is the Hierbaria Pozo Rico, a natual herb apothecary that cures what ails you, no matter how awful or humiliating your complaint. Infertility? Obesity? Impotence? They hear it all the…Read More

Popsicles, Strawberries, and Cream!

Written by El Gallo on 16 Mar, 2001

Those who follow my writings here (preferably right into the valley of shadow of Death) are aware that I am an ice cream freak. Hang out long enough in the tropics and you'll be too. I also like sweets. A personal failing.…Read More

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