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Stories and Tips Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend Background **IMPORTANT please read!**

Written by Ben the Grate on 03 Feb, 2004

It's the easiest thing in the world to journey to Big Bend and come home utterly astounded by the natural beauty of the wild Chihuahuan desert, the rushing river, the rugged mountains, the delicate hidden waterfalls, the bizarre wildlife . . . But knowing a bit…Read More

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Activities In Big Bend

Written by gonewriting on 08 Mar, 2001

There is a wide variety of wildlife to be seen in Big Bend including mountain lions, black bears, coyotes, racoons, deer, javelinas, rabbits, and many species of birds including the elusive roadrunner. CAMPING is on a first-come, first-served basis at Rio Grande Village, the…Read More

Getting off on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande

Written by Mrs. J on 08 Nov, 2000

All the time that you are floating along on the river, you are aware that when you cross that river you''re in another country. For most of the float trip the Mexican side of the river is no different from the U.S. side.…Read More

Was it a Mountain Lion?

Written by Mrs. J on 08 Nov, 2000

Hiking the backcountry trails of Big Bend National Park, one has to consider the possibility of encountering a black bear or even a mountain lion. Since the 1950s, visitors have reported over 800 mountain lion sightings. Over 90 percent of these sightings were…Read More


Written by Wayde on 24 Aug, 2000

It was time to move on. Packing up is not something that most people consider fun and I don't think we had anyone in the group that would say they relished the experience, especially since the canoes were packed while having to slog through…Read More


Written by Wayde on 24 Aug, 2000

We spent one more day at the same campsite but we explored an even more exciting canyon. While the group trudged on Mike, Jeremy and I took a detour to explore some caves. We found a dead tarantula and Mike started in on…Read More


Written by Wayde on 24 Aug, 2000

We stayed at the same campsite on Monday because we had much less river to cover than we had planned originally. We crossed to the Mexican side to explore a canyon. The canyon we hiked to was spectacular. No words or pictures can…Read More


Written by Wayde on 24 Aug, 2000

Now the spot that we had planned on starting from became the place that we would end our trip at. And that meant . . . . . . back in the truck. We drove to the Rio Grande Village. Mike's truck overheated, everyone…Read More


Written by Wayde on 24 Aug, 2000

Day one of being on the Rio Grande turned out much different than even our formidable leader expected. While Jeremy, Erica, Eric, Dave, Rebecca, and Stephanie waited at the planned launching spot Sara, Mike and Michelle drove the Jeep and Truck to meet Sterling,…Read More

Friday - The Last Day

Written by Wayde on 24 Aug, 2000

As we woke in the morning we heard discussions about when we were going to canoe out. The plan had been to leave on Saturday but someone had plans made that required an earlier departure. Although it was sad to see our trip…Read More

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