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Azores Isles of Adventures

Written by Magrico on 04 Feb, 2010

About midway between Boston and mainland Portugal sits the Azores, a collection of nine islands scattered over several hundreds of nautical miles. The closest point to Europe from the United States, the Azores is an autonomous region of Portugal, and just four hours by plane…Read More

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Azores: How $709 Dollar Buys You a Week in Paradise

Written by Magrico on 06 Nov, 2009

Cash is tight – and it is hard to justly travel these days. Unless there is a destination that is close, real, affordable, and allows a total escape from all the disheartening economic news.Enter the Azores. Azores Express is offering a 7-day/6-night air and hotel…Read More

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Idyllic Ponta Delgado.

Written by hagnel2 on 30 Oct, 2004

Azores is an archipelago of nine islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean. They are 2,110 miles from New York and 760 miles from Lisbon. There are daily, two-hour flights from Lisbon. SATA Air Azores provides daily flights to all islands and weekly, five-hour flights…Read More

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Daytrip to Nordeste

Written by hagnel2 on 16 May, 2004

We drove from Ponta Delgada, and made a lunch stop at Riberia Grande. We had a wonderful lunch at Ala Bote Restaurant, located at 96 Ribeira Grande. The phone number is 296 473516. The restaurant terrace overlooked the ocean, very scenic and calming.…Read More

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Sao Miguel -- the big island

Written by ralphaverbuch on 18 May, 2004

"Where?" That was the response to the decision that we were going to go to the Azores. Owned by Portugal, these nine little-known Islands sit roughly 800 miles west of Lisbon over both sides of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, are temperate all year round and are…Read More

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Whale Watching

Written by sylvia13 on 05 Jun, 2006

In the afternoon we all went to Ponta Delgada to go whale watching, as somebody had warned Patricia about a hurricane coming Azores way, so we decided to hurry before it arrived! We were first shown a film about whales, which was very interesting, but…Read More

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Whalewatching with Peter

Written by allain on 22 Jul, 2001

Over twenty species of cetaceans live in the Azeorean sea. The majesty of the spermwhale, the grace of the dolphins, the sudden shiver of a group of passing killer whales, or the rare sight of a blue whale are the basic features of this marine…Read More

Sete Cidades

Written by johngardner3 on 10 Feb, 2003

Sete Cidades is just one of the many lagoas, or crater-lakes, that dot the island of Sao Miguel. Since the whole chain of islands is volcanic (though dormant) in nature, the landscape is filled with these unusual, high-lipped craters that surround still, quiet lakes. Sete…Read More

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Written by eros on 28 Jun, 2003

Drove to Furnas, saw the steaming vents and did another walk around the lake from the Landscape book. Very nice, but a bit overgrown. Had to modify the route quite a bit at the end . . . the track described had changed into the…Read More

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Faial da Terra

Written by eros on 28 Jun, 2003

Unfortunately, construction work was being done on the river bed next to the campsite and we got woken up incredibly early by a really noisy bullozer. Went for a look at the crashing sea near the campsite at the local "beach", then drove down coast…Read More

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