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Americans in Mauritania

Written by kdieng on 06 Mar, 2001

Believe it or not, many Mauritanians do not know that "America" or the United States exists. An odd person may have traveled to the US or watched CNN, but that's about it. No stereotypes, no preconceived notions of wealth. No one wants something…Read More

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Written by kdieng on 06 Mar, 2001

While in the market a teenage boy offered to help us get good prices; we were suspicious, but he was friendly and did prove helpful. Afterwards he invited us home for lunch and we enjoyed lunch with him and three of his friends. During the…Read More

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Written by kdieng on 06 Mar, 2001

I went with two girlfriends and one male friend. We LOVED Mauritania. The trip there via public transport via Senegal was long AND hot, but well worth it. We had some problems at the border, as my friend tried to bring in local currency we…Read More

Overlanding From Morocco

Written by beatka on 18 Feb, 2002

The twice-weekly military convoy from Morocco to Mauritania is no more. Overlanders are now free to make their own way directly to the border as of start of Feb. 2002 with no formalities being necessary in Dakhla. We found out the hard way, arriving the…Read More

Credit Card Advances

Written by beatka on 18 Feb, 2002

Getting credit card advances on your Visa or Mastercard is difficult at the best of times in Mauritania. We tried and failed in Nouadhibou, but some advice for travelers visiting Nouakchott... The travel agency SECUTOR mentioned in the last Rough Guide, West Africa, is a…Read More

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Chinguitty the More Ancient City in Mauritania

Written by med3050 on 23 Dec, 2009

Full day in Chinguitty the more ancient city in Mauritania, having tour in its libraries and quarters and its oases, Night in a Motel.Chinguitty mean " Well horse" ,This city would be buried by large waves of quicksand ,Some sources establish the foundation of…Read More

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