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The Nearest Beaches to Guadalajara

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 05 Jun, 2007

Both Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan are at about the same distance from Guadalajra: slightly over 250 miles. I have visited Mazatlan and have flown over Puerto Vallarta. By what I have seen and by what I have read, Puerto Vallarta has far more options and…Read More

Guanajuato and its Area of Influence

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 04 Jun, 2007

GUANAJUATO: I have been half a dozen times on business trips to León and Guadalajara, but did not have the slightest idea of the colonial treasures of Guanajuato, the city of the balconies, or the city of the lovers. Cobblestone streets are narrow, steep, and…Read More

Where to stay in San Luis Potosi, Aguas Calientes...

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 11 Feb, 2007

SAN LUIS POTOSI Hostal del Quijote: This is a beautiful, inexpensive five-star hotel located on the freeway that goes from Querétaro to Aguascalientes, León, and Guadalajara. Its address is: Carretera Mexico-piedras Negras Km. 420 78000 - San Luis Potosi, Phone+ 48 181312.Either it is now operated…Read More

Where to stay in Querétaro: Hotel Hacienda Jurica, Querétaro (5 stars) or Holiday Inn

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 11 Feb, 2007

Would you like to travel back 5 centuries in Mexican history while staying at a luxurious hotel? This is what the Hacienda Jurica hotel offers you in Querétaro. I really enjoyed eating in the well-set dining room while enjoying the view of its colonial architecture…Read More

Downtown Queretaro

Written by lutz_r on 23 Mar, 2004

The downtown area of Queretaro has to be the highlight of Queretaro; it is very pretty and it's the most colonial part of Queretaro. Here you can do some shopping for Mexican candy, T-shirts, Mexican art, or other small things they sell on the streets.…Read More

Interesting Facts

Written by lobosolo on 02 Jan, 2003

Our Constitution was signed here, and it is not far away from Mexico City. We have been designated a Cultural World Asset and have in our state a national (federal) biosphere reserve worth visiting. Santiago de Querétaro is the state's capital and you will find…Read More

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