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Traveling in Bolivia: Seeking for a Nexus

Written by SeenThat on 31 Mar, 2007

Roughly circular, at first sight Bolivia looks as an easy country to plan a trip on it. The second sight reveals a more complex reality. A big part of the country is occupied by the Altiplano – the Andean Plateau –, which rises up to…Read More

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Lost in Geography: Tucumanas and Salteñas

Written by SeenThat on 30 Mar, 2007

Wherever I stopped in South America, I could be confident to find one stable thing. More stable than governments, cultures and languages were the "empanadas," a turnover-like pastry that is consumed as a snack at all hours. Well, almost stable. The slight variations accounted for…Read More

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Deep Down in the Valleys

Written by SeenThat on 02 Apr, 2007

The fourth biggest city in Bolivia (with roughly half a million inhabitants) Cochabamba shares the basic design of Bolivian cities: a tiny downtown surrounded by endless shantytowns. However, its peculiarities make it well worth a visit: the main city in the Bolivian Valleys has the…Read More


Written by kerij on 11 Feb, 2001

We stopped to visit old friends at the local orphanage run by a religious order. Cochabamba is well served by many religious organizations from all over the world. One sister has started a small nursery school for the children who await adoption. The children were…Read More

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