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The Train from Heidelberg to Frankfurt

Written by sararevell on 22 Aug, 2011

We had been fortunate enough to get a lift from Frankfurt to Heidelberg but as our friend was traveling to Munich, we had to make our own way back to Frankfurt Airport. Fortunately, the German public transport system, in this part of the country at…Read More

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A Whistle Stop Walking Tour of Heidelberg

Written by sararevell on 22 Aug, 2011

Having less than a day to explore any city is never ideal, especially one as pretty and historic as Heidelberg. In our short time there, we managed to explore the Castle and a very small part of the old town but I did regret the…Read More

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Written by zabelle on 27 Jan, 2004

Speyer I feel terrible that we weren’t able to give Speyer the full day that it deserves. There were some fascinating museums that we were not able to visit. We had discussed with Becks which city we should visit as we traveled south; we…Read More

Things to do while in the area

Written by tm8nelson on 16 Apr, 2005

The area between Darmstadt and Heidelberg, along Autobahn 5, is full of things to do. Dotted along the landscape and nestled into the hills are castles, castle ruins, majestic churches, monasteries, vineyards, hiking trails, and plenty of sights to stop and enjoy nature. Located south…Read More

Did you know?

Written by meaganleigh on 14 Jul, 2002

The movie, "I was a Male Warbride," starring Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan was filmed in Heidelberg in 1948. In the opening the market place next to the Holy Ghost church is shown and also city hall (Rathaus). You can go inside the…Read More

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Print Media Academy

Written by jg_heidelberg on 29 Apr, 2005

Across the street from the Heidelberg Haupbahnhof (main train station) is the Print Media Academy. The building is a training center, auditorium, and office space for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (my employer). I work on the 10.OG (11th floor) and have a nice view of the…Read More

Heidelberg Tours

Written by permenter2004 on 25 Feb, 2006

Heidelberg, Germany, has the greatest historical tours. There are castles and cathedrals. The castles are neat because when you tour the inside, there are wine cellars and courtyards. You learn so much. The cathedrals are huge. I have never seen a church so big in…Read More

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Written by Jehcekah on 26 Jul, 2002

Heidelberg is many things. It is a college town, a historic site, a river city, and a great place to visit. We were lucky enough to have a guide with us on this leg of our honeymoon, but it is an easily navigable…Read More

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