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Discovering the Exotic Spices of Zanzibar

Written by nofootprint on 12 Nov, 2009

Spice TourThis was wonderful tour and a great value at 13.00 per person. We were picked up at 9:00AM and an hour later with the bus crammed to capacity we were on our way. There was no AC and we were thankful for windows!!Our guide…Read More

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Exploring Stone Town

Written by nofootprint on 11 Nov, 2009

We are ready now for the bustle of Stone Town . The 4 nights on the beach gave us the rest we needed but its time to start exploring. The hour or so drive was interesting and took us across the island to our…Read More

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Cooling our Heels on the North Coast

Written by nofootprint on 15 Oct, 2009

We flew Precision Air to Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro Airport. Despite our apprehension our plane left on time! We had read some horror stories of lengthy delays and numerous cancellations but we have only good things to say. It was a nice flight with good service.…Read More

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Written by nora_yusuf on 21 Jun, 2006

By the time we arrived in Zanzibar, I had already taken many photos from the plane. The most popular objects were the meandering wadis, and the mountains of Oman. Zanzibar—by the word of Andersch "the last reason to live"—is a famous piece of German literature…Read More

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Taking a Spice Tour

Written by Safiri on 12 Oct, 2004

Zanzibar is the world's main supplier of cloves, a little nail-shaped spice that gets embedded into hams, or stuck into oranges to be hung on Christmas trees. Cloves are grown for export on Zanzibar, but the spice plantations also grow a vast selection of other…Read More

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Reflections on Stone Town

Written by Marianne on 28 Feb, 2004

Stone Town was built by Indian and Arab traders in the 18th and 19th centuries. It reminded me very much of an Arab Medina with its warren of alleyways, its minarets, mansions, latticed balconies and beautifully carved doors.The streets are too narrow for cars but…Read More

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Responsible Tourism

Written by Marianne on 01 Feb, 2004

There is a plea to tourists on the notice board: "Please sign the petition for a better surfaced road to Nungwi". And indeed the road is bad. The irony is that there used to be a tarmac road and some vestiges are still there. But…Read More

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Culture Shock, Right On Time

Written by greghuntoon on 14 Sep, 2006

Every time I have left the confines of my own culture and stepped into another, I've been greeted by culture shock in the wake of a sickness or injury. When I stayed out on the Hopi Reservation 9 1/2 years ago, it was sickness that…Read More

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Kiswahili Kibaya Sana

Written by greghuntoon on 14 Sep, 2006

Man, is my Kiswahili bad; or, as Marshed told the guy behind the counter at the Bureau de Exchange today, "anaweza kusema Kiswahili kizuri, lakini hawezi kusikiliza chochote," which basically means "he can speak Swahili well, but he can't hear a thing." It is so…Read More

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Time For New Dreams

Written by greghuntoon on 14 Sep, 2006

It worked. I surprised the hell out of my family, and then they returned the favour by smashing all ideas I had of having functional Kiswahili. It was so commonplace to walk back through the doorway, into the central courtyard, up to the front door,…Read More

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