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The Fountains of Bern... And More

Written by phileasfogg on 25 Jun, 2009

Bern, for those not in the know (as we were before this trip), was named for the bear. Or rather, for a dead bear, since that was the first animal to be hunted and killed by a local ruler when he first set up shop…Read More

Driving in Europe

Written by Wasatch on 12 Mar, 2007

Walking along the main drag in Rothenburg o.d.T., I fell into conversation with an American on a bus tour. He asked, "What tour are you with?" I answered, "We’re driving." His face took on a look of angst, and he launched into a stream of…Read More


Written by caromeow on 18 Mar, 2005

This is Bern's train station. Just to give you some tips: The Wall On the lower level are remnants from the last wall of the city. There are some informational signs about it as well and some pictures of how the wall looked, but I think…Read More


Written by caromeow on 22 Mar, 2005

Loeb is a Swiss department scale that is more affordable than Globus. The Loeb in Bern is just outside the last underground exit from the Bahnhof (last exit on your left walking away from the train platforms and Meeting Point). Loebecke(the corner of Loeb), right…Read More

Meeting the locals

Written by bilnap on 16 Feb, 2004

Your hotel concierge or bartender is a good way to get recommendations on dining. Just develop a rapport with each and give them an idea of what you want: romantic, local color, yuppie environment, etc. That way, you really meet some great people. We were in…Read More

Walking around Bern

Written by StudioZola on 14 Jan, 2001

Pristine, Quaint, Friendly, Hip, Old, Modern, Small, Grand. These are the contradictions which describe Bern. Talk to anyone whose been here and you'll discover that most would return in an instant. …Read More

Switzerland - trip to Bern

Written by Sammy Lagios on 27 Aug, 2010

SWITZERLAND is considered to be one of the most developed countries in almost allover the world. It is divided into 3 parts the German, Italian and the FRENCH ONES.All the citizens are trililgual in order to communicate with one another and live a harmonious life.…Read More

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