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Stories and Tips Lutherstadt Wittenberg

A brief history of Luther's Reformation

Written by marif on 18 Oct, 2004

To realize fully the historical and cultural value of Lutherstadt-Wittenberg's churches and museums, it is advisable to get acquainted with the social and religious climate that led to Luther's Reformation. In the early 16th-century, Germany was still a divided country governed by a number of princes…Read More

A medieval and cultural experience

Written by marif on 15 Oct, 2004

Walking along the unpretentious streets, alleyways and courtyards of Lutherstadt-Wittenberg's Old Town and inspecting the preserved medieval houses and churches is like attending a series of lessons about 16th-century German history. While history lessons may be tedious, stale and old-fashioned, the experience gained by looking…Read More

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