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Stories and Tips Yemen

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Scams in Old Sana'a

Written by fallschirmhosen on 14 Jan, 2008

In general, the people in Sana'a, and Yemen, are extremely friendly, helpful, and are curious to learn more about you as you want to learn more about them. Like in any city, though, you have to aware of some potential scams that do occur.On…Read More

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Dangers and Kidnappings in Yemen?

Written by fallschirmhosen on 14 Jan, 2008

I feel very comfortable saying that, in general, kidnappings in Yemen are a thing of the past. There are still areas that are closed off to tourists, and some areas that are of higher risk that others. But, in general, Yemen feels like…Read More

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"As You Like"

Written by fallschirmhosen on 14 Jan, 2008

For the Yemeni people who can speak English, there is one term you will come to hate: "As you like." Yemenis use this all the time, and in most cases it does not really mean what it is supposed to mean. A few…Read More

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Getting Sick on Socotra

Written by fallschirmhosen on 14 Jan, 2008

If there was one theme that could summarize my stay on the island of Socotra, it would have to be getting sick. Despite having an amazing visit to Socotra, as anyone would, the three and one-half days spent there were punctuated by people getting…Read More

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The Terror of Tarim!

Written by HELEN001 on 01 Dec, 2006

Bit of a strange place Tarim. Like Sayun, 40km back down the wadi, there’s also a fair bit of money knocking round in Tarim. Not quite as many contemporary, no-more-than-two-storey, ’luxury’ style houses or gleaming 4WDs as Sayun but enough to suggest a higher than…Read More

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Shibam - A Step Back in Time

Written by HELEN001 on 27 Nov, 2006

Believe me I tried to think of another way of describing Shibam but I really can't do any better than whoever it was who dubbed it the 'Manhattan of the desert'*. Rising out of the undulating sands of the wadi floor, Shibam with its 500…Read More

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary : Shibam and Thula

Written by HELEN001 on 28 Oct, 2006

Maybe I’d been spoiled by visiting Kawkaban first, but I thought Shibam was a bit of a dump, frankly. Neither the fact that it was the capital of the Yafurid dynasty in the 9th century or that it is home to one of the oldest…Read More

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Surprises in the Suq

Written by HELEN001 on 09 Oct, 2006

I’m not usually one for enthusing about retail outlets, but just occasionally I’ll go a bit wild. In old Sana’a, with its combination of gob-stoppingly amazing architecture and brilliant suq, it’s all to easy to walk past treasures without seeing them because, let’s face…Read More

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Qat Litter

Written by HELEN001 on 01 Oct, 2006

I know this is going to sound a bit odd but, the first time I chewed qat I was quite overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia for my first infant school – the food in particular. At this school they practised the quaint custom of…Read More

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Smooth Operator - Yamanat Tours

Written by HELEN001 on 28 Sep, 2006

And when I say smooth operator, I don’t mean in a creepy lounge-lizardy, wide-boy sort of way either. Far from it! No, what I mean is that from first email contact to final farewell at the airport, Mohamed Shaif of Yamanat Tours ( was a…Read More

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