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A vida é bela, aproveita tudo que ela têm para te dar!

Written by audreymei on 11 Mar, 2005

After fourteen trains, seven buses, three boats, and twelve airplanes (including later this morning), it is finally the last day of my insane three-month Portugal trip through Europe. I’m officially cultured, having learned about Renaissance art, Moorish history, and the Hanseatic trade routes. I’ve gotten…Read More

Written by Rucas on 03 Jan, 2001

The mysterious black capes of the students can always be seen on the courtyard, the garb of students radiant with joy during the Queima das Fitas - the major academic festivity, or passionately and nostalgically grouped together during the romantic serenades of Fado de Coimbra.…Read More

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Coimbra University

Written by Rucas on 03 Jan, 2001

The University buildings are situated on the top of a hill, which overlooks the city. It is well worth a visit. You enter the old part of the University through an Iron Gate. Inside the gate is the enormous University Patio, with a large statute…Read More

Alemão em Portugal

Written by audreymei on 11 Mar, 2005

Since the introduction of the euro in Portugal in January of 2002, the questions for the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" have gotten significantly more difficult. Before 2002, the maximum winnings in the former Portuguese currency were 1,000,000 escudos, equivalent to €457.14,…Read More

A Câmara de Saúde Pública

Written by audreymei on 11 Mar, 2005

The Portuguese Ministry of Public Health made a public announcement in 1998 for the citizens to drink less coffee--no more than five cups a day--down from the average twelve to thirteen. They had determined that the excessive amounts of caffeine were causing a minor…Read More

University history.

Written by Rucas on 03 Jan, 2001

The University of Coimbra has played a major role in the social, economic, and political life of Portugal for over 700 years. The University was officially founded on August 9, 1290 by the Bull of Papa Nicolau, IV. The University's home alternated between Coimbra and…Read More

7,1 não é nada

Written by audreymei on 11 Mar, 2005

At 9:30am on Sunday, November 1, 1755, Lisbon was struck by the first of three earthquakes, the third of which succeeded in reducing the bustling town, center of wealth and culture, to rubble. The stone roofs of the churches came tumbling down onto the thousands…Read More

A Pascoa que era

Written by audreymei on 11 Mar, 2005

On the day before Easter, I took a bus ride through the valley behind the back of the world in the north of northern Portugal to a place called Bom Jesus do Monte. The trip took two hours but cost only about $1.75 because, aside from the aforementioned…Read More

Já estiviste em Portugal?

Written by audreymei on 11 Mar, 2005

Air Portugal gets only one star from me for friendliness and excellent service, but the rest is Monty Python-meets-Afghan Air. Besides that, my flight to Lisbon left three hours before me, and my luggage arrived in Porto two hours after me, the TV screens mostly…Read More

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