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Driving in France

Written by stormz on 12 Oct, 2002

If you`re from a left-lane country like the U.K or Australia... BE VERY CAREFUL. On the way out of the airport in the hire car I remember which lane I should go to (the right lane), but I forgot to look at the left lane…Read More

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Cruisin' on the Midi Canal

Written by diminor1929 on 04 Jul, 2003

Actually declared a "wonder of the world" by UNESCO in 1996, the Midi Canal was built in the 17th century by Peirre-Paul Riquet. It basically remains virtually the same as far as lock design and function. Its purpose was to connect the Atlantic Ocean to…Read More

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Midi Canal

Written by diminor1929 on 03 Jul, 2003

While traveling by car from Perpignan to Carcassone, we passed many signs indicating the proximity of the Midi Canal. Having eaten at a lovely restaurant in New Orleans with the same name, I was intrigued and wanted to invsetigate. Venturing off the beaten path…Read More

How Carcassone Got Its Name.

Written by diminor1929 on 01 Aug, 2002

To make your trip to the walled city of Carcassone more interesting, it helps to know a little of the local lore and legend that accompanies the site. The city has an long and turbulent history, due to its strategic location…Read More

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Carcassone-Medieval History Lesson!

Written by diminor1929 on 28 Jul, 2002

To truly appreciate the walled city of Ile de Cite,(perched on a hill in Carcassone) it is recommended that you glean a little of the local history. Because of its strategic location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and between Spain and France,the hillfort was…Read More

The Fortress

Written by GreenMermaid on 29 Dec, 2000

Within the city walls is much tourist kitsch but the fortress itself is really something. We took the tour, which took us into courtyards, along castle ramparts and within towers. We learned much of the fortress’ history and its elaborate system of defenses,…Read More

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Midi Canal-Part2

Written by diminor1929 on 03 Jul, 2003

The long boats or narrow boats are motorized but only cruise at a modest 10-20 knots. It is a leisurely pace and maps of the canal can help you plan your stops accordingly. I recommend stopping several times a day,tying up at a local cafe,…Read More

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Secret Tunnel From St. Nazaire to The Inquisition Tower

Written by swisher7 on 06 Feb, 2013

Back in 1975 when I was much younger and a bit foolish I visited Carcassonne. It was my first trip to Europe from America and I was enthralled by the castle city and the fantasies it evoked. My friend and I stayed in a…Read More

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