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Written by LenR on 27 Mar, 2010

Colonia food is very similar to what you find across the river in Buenos Aires. Beef is the most important feature of many menus but innovation and a sense of subtle flavour is sometimes lacking. If you are on a budget make lunch your main…Read More

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Restaurants on Plaza Armas

Written by LenR on 27 Mar, 2010

The Plaza de Armas is one of the more attractive places in Colonia and naturally it has attracted a number of restaurants. There is a row of them along one side of the Plaza. To compete, each has developed its own personality so most visitors…Read More

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Written by LenR on 27 Mar, 2010

Menu prices are rising in historic Colonia, and I don’t think they always represent good value. The best inexpensive meals can be found at the local restaurants outside the historic district where a chivito al pan, (the classic Uruguayo sandwich comprised of a thin steak,…Read More

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Out of Town Hotels

Written by LenR on 27 Mar, 2010

These hotels become attractive if you plan to stay for more than one night and want to enjoy some relaxation time with your sightseeing.Colony Park Plaza Unique Hotel (Rambla de las Americas Tel: 052-26280)This is a relatively new, well-decorated and attractive place with a difference.…Read More

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Staying in Town

Written by LenR on 27 Mar, 2010

The Barrio Historico is the area of most interest to visitors so it makes sense to find accommodation in town. Fortunately there are a number of choices from luxury through to budget. The following are some suggestions in the upper end of the market.Radisson (Washington…Read More

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The Mandatory Place for Us to Be in January

Written by Valerita on 07 Nov, 2008

Every year, January 16th, my family and friends have an appointment: we prepare the mate (typical Uruguayan beverage and something that we cannot live without), buy some bizcochos (pastries), fill the gas tank and officially inaugurate the beginning of our holiday. The journey usually takes…Read More

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Are You Beautiful Enough for Punta del Este?

Written by cheryl morris on 19 Oct, 2000

If you are made squeamish by machismo, are burdened by a beer gut or cellulite or hold any strong Marxist beliefs, you may want to reconsider traveling here! This posh South American resort is the playground for Latin America's rich and famous, with a…Read More

La Costa de Oro (The Golden Coast) and Piriápolis

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 05 Feb, 2007

Uruguayans call this area the Golden Coast. Whoever has seen a sunrise or a sunset on the River Plate will easily understand why. Travelling along the River Plate from Montevideo to Punta del Este is a delightful experience. Water is so clear, and there are…Read More

Central Uruguay (Montevideo, Durazno and More)

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 31 Jan, 2007

The city of Montevideo: Montevideo is a beautiful city and probably the safest capital in all Latin America. It has about one million inhabitants, while the whole country has a population of 4 million. Uruguay was originally a part of Argentina, but became independent on…Read More

Where to Stay in Uruguay...

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 22 Jan, 2007

Please keep in mind that I am updating prices from the Internet, and that it is advisable to double check rates with the hotels before travelling. PUNTA DEL ESTE is expensive, and I have never stayed in the city, except once when I took an…Read More

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