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Dune Bashing

Written by Dagmar Pelzer on 26 Jun, 2009

After the crazy traffic of the city, the skyscrapers, construction noise, shopping centers, suqs, shouting vendors, honking horns and boat motors, the stillness of the desert covered us like a calming blanket. The incredibly quiet expanse with…Read More

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Outdoor and Family Activities in Dubai and the UAE

Written by Ed Hahn on 25 Jan, 2006

While there seems to be a limited number of truly interesting and worthwhile cultural and artistic tourist attractions, there are a number of activities aimed to appeal to the tourist family or the more adventurous outdoor tourist. Some of the more interesting desert activities include…Read More

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Fujairah and the UAE East Coast

Written by Ed Hahn on 23 Jan, 2006

Pam, my wife, and I hired a car and driver to take us to the East Coast. We planned to go through Hatta, the ancient agricultural oasis and then drive through the Hajar Mountains to Fujairah. Things did not go as planned.We mistakenly believed that…Read More

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An Excursion to Sharjah

Written by Ed Hahn on 17 Jan, 2006

Sometimes, I wonder if my biases get in the way of my ability to appreciate things other people seem to value. Sharjah is a place that raised the issue for me, again.Ten kilometers Northeast of Dubai, it carries the UNESCO title "Cultural Capital of the…Read More

Dubai Shopping Festival

Written by Armchair_Critic on 02 Aug, 2004

I’ve heard about it. I’ve read about it. People are talking about it. I’ve seen pictures of it. But to step on its ground, I was overwhelmed and excited. Thus my first stop – The Burj Al Arab Dubai! Here’s an idea of this…Read More

No Shaving in the Sink!

Written by dangaroo on 18 Dec, 2008

First things first, on arrival customs seems incredibly straight forward - the airport is well laid-out and sign-posted and if you are just transferring they have a shortcut which avoids needing to even enter the UAE. The queues are well separated so that those who…Read More

Air Arabia

Written by dangaroo on 18 Dec, 2008

Air Arabia was a company who I had been aware for a long time, even during their days as Sharjah Air. It hasn't been until this December that I finally got round to using them. I was a little bit disappointed with them at the…Read More

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Dubai - Day 2 and a Word About Emirates Airline

Written by blueskygirl on 12 Dec, 2008

Of course, we had to see for ourselves THE richest city in the world (Abu Dhabi) and the most expensive hotel ever built at US$3 Billion (The Emirates Palace Hotel). We were expecting Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Hotel to be, well, gauche. Surprisingly,…Read More

Dubai - Day 1 and Arrival

Written by blueskygirl on 11 Dec, 2008

I had a last-minute chance to stay in Dubai for 2 days in June. It seems that people who travel to Dubai have a love-hate relationship with this rather fantasy city. The city is so new, so modern, so beautiful, so over-the-top, so…Read More

Get Busy in Dubai

Written by TanyaJPaulMunshi on 21 Sep, 2006

If you visit Dubai you must not miss the Dubai Museum for the world. From the outside the entire museum is a replica of the remains of an ancient castle. Once you’re inside the museum it feels as though you are walking through the lanes…Read More

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