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Taking the Thalys

Written by koshkha on 10 Feb, 2013

Europe has a number of famous high speed trains but I would guess one of the less known is the Thalys. The train runs from Amsterdam in the north, through Brussels and on to Paris. Side lines can get you to the French Alps and…Read More

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Sometimes the Best Thing about Travel is the Journey

Written by koshkha on 20 Sep, 2009

My favourite of my regular business journeys these days is the route between Manchester and Antwerp that's run by the lovely little airline VLM. If you are lucky enough to have access to Manchester Airport, London City or Frankfurt and you need to go to…Read More

Antwerp on the Run

Written by GailA on 01 Jul, 2001

The beauty of Antwerp is that it is a slightly off the beaten track destination with much to offer, most of it very accessible on foot and at prices more reasonable than the major cities. In the space of about six hours we viewed…Read More

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Where to find Chocolates?

Written by linet on 29 Oct, 2004

If you do not have the budget for diamonds, and you want to have a heavenly pleasure, then you hit chocolate. My good old favorite is Leonidas, which is an affordable option that can be found all around Antwerp. A bit more expensive giant of…Read More

The Jewish Antwerp

Written by linet on 29 Oct, 2004

The Jewish neighborhood starts from Pelikanstraat, with diamond and gold shops, and continues on the Lange Kievitstraat, turning right, where you can find kosher shops and restaurants. Nervierstraat and Isabellalei Lange Herentalsestraat are the places where the Jewish population is mainly located. I have read…Read More

Antwerp, diamond city

Written by Adelaide on 29 Jun, 2002

Antwerp nowadays is the world's most important diamond trading center. The diamond district of the city starts right next to the Central Station and many members of Antwerp's large Jewish community live in this area. This is where about 60% of the world's production of…Read More

Pieter Paul Rubens

Written by Adelaide on 29 Jun, 2002

Rubens was born in Siegen, Westphalia in 1577. His parents were from Antwerp and the family returned to it in 1589, and soon after he became an apprentice with some of Anrwerp's painters. In 1590 he started his own studio, before moving to…Read More

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Antwerp is the world center of diamonds

Written by Zhebiton on 09 Nov, 2010

If the theater begins with a hanger, a town starts from the station! but in Antwerp it gorgeous!This is part of the old station.Antwerp - the world center for processing and trade of diamonds.Cathedral has long been a symbol of the city, a monument of…Read More

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