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Road Trip to Lancaster

Written by Troobabiee7 on 14 Jan, 2009

I love a good road trip. There's nothing like rolling the windows down, cranking the music up, and hitting the wide, open road... even if it's just for a three hour trip. This was my family's first real vacation in a few years,…Read More

eating your way around PA Dutch country

Written by pippin on 17 Dec, 2000

I couldn't possibly talk about PA Dutch country without mentioning the food. Oh, the food... Do try it. If you are a foodie, some of these shouldn't be missed. The local version of Chicken Pot Pie is more like Chicken and Dumplings, a thick chicken stew…Read More

Renninger's, Adamstown, PA

Written by EPearl on 21 Sep, 2002

For a different type of shopping, try a very large "flea market" located close enough to Lancaster. On Sunday mornings, beginning at sunrise, up to 400 vendors gather for your shopping pleasure. You can find everything from valuable antiques to "early basement."…Read More

A word about the Amish

Written by pippin on 15 Jul, 2001

Let's face it, the only reason people are coming to Lancaster, besides seeing spectacular countryside, is to see the Amish. Amish country isn't a zoo; the Amish people live, work and interact with the local "English" in, for the most part, harmony. Keep that in…Read More

things to do in the area

Written by pippin on 18 Dec, 2000

A favorite for the kids is the STRASBURG RAIL ROAD on East Main Street in Strasburg. You can take a short ride through the country on a real steam engine locomotive. If you are into nature, there is plenty to do. In Kutztown, visit CRYSTAL CAVE.…Read More

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What's this "plain and fancy" stuff?

Written by pippin on 17 Dec, 2000

Simply put, the "Plain" folk are the Amish, who strive to live a simple pure life without the entrapments of modern life. Yes, just like in the movie "Witness" they do refer to outsiders as the English, but time is marching on and the Amish…Read More

Ed's Buggy Rides

Written by EPearl on 17 Sep, 2002

For a relaxing drive through the Amish countryside, try taking a buggy ride. You will ride through the back roads, listening to the stories, told by the buggy driver, about Amish life. Ride only lasts about an hour at most, but it is…Read More

A HUGE Buffet

Written by cmcintire77 on 04 Feb, 2005

A must is to visit Shady Maple! There is an all-you-can-eat buffet that is huge! If visiting on a weekend, they are closed Sundays. Downstairs you can buy handcrafted items made in Amish country, even handmade candy.…Read More

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