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Interactive Fountains and More

Written by weeblewobble46 on 27 Jun, 2010

Sunset Island has more than just places to stay. There is an interactive fountain in the center of the island. The water attracts children of all ages and invites them to splash and dance around. They are turned off each day from…Read More

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A Great Taste of Ocean City

Written by delsin on 16 Feb, 2009

As all of us know that everyone in this world likes those places where they can enjoy their life with fun, enjoy, and adventures. I also like those places where I can enjoy my life and can get the best life experiences. Last holidays, I…Read More

"Old" Ocean City

Written by weeblewobble46 on 22 Jul, 2008

Those of us who grew up "down de Ocean" in the 50's and 60's remember some of the older family owned hotels in the center of town. They ranged from the larger ones to the small cottage type. Many of them are still…Read More

Overview / impressions of Ocean City

Written by Elaina123 on 22 Sep, 2003

When planning our vacation this year, we had a few choices of areas we wanted to visit that had availabilities when we wanted to travel. We selected Ocean City above the others based on good things other people had to say about it.…Read More

Beachmark Motel/Generals Kitchen

Written by Abbey2881 on 12 Jan, 2007

Whenever my family visits Ocean City we rent a condo for the week and avoid the hotels and motels, however, we have had friends who are visiting us for a day or so stay in this motel. It’s nothing fancy but is clean and reasonably…Read More

The Boardwalk

Written by travelwriter85 on 08 Jan, 2006

The boardwalk is the main attraction of Ocean City. Go on the ferris wheel, go into the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, eat 'boardwalk fries drenched in vinegar', play volleyball along the beach, take a boat tour and visit some beach towns (there is…Read More

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Thrashers Fries

Written by Sandieq on 14 Jul, 2005

This was my first stop when I arrived to take my kids to eat the best fries in the WORLD!! They too are believers now. Second, we went to the end of the Boardwalk to fill them to the gills with junk, video games, and…Read More

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Sunset Island, Ocean City, MD

Written by weeblewobble46 on 27 Jun, 2010

If you would rather stay in a condo or townhome rather than a hotel, then Sunset Island is for you.We rented a 5 bedroom townhome that faced a canal on the northern side of the island. This provided room and privacy for everyone in…Read More

RVing in Maryland part II

Written by rockyo3 on 21 Nov, 2006

It would appear that Ocean City, MD is trying to discourage RVs from staying in the city. Parking was a premium and most attractions did not allow RVs. Found a parking lot near the boardwalk, but they wanted $50 to park for the evening. Not…Read More

Festival of Lights

Written by SandyLand on 05 Jan, 2006

This is a trolley tour of an extensive winter lights display. There is every kind of Christmas character and some ocean creatures like jaws and dancing turtles that make it uniquely Ocean City. We went New Year's eve and there was a line. I imagine…Read More

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