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Novy Svit - A New World Symphony

Written by fizzytom on 19 Jun, 2010

The name Novy Svit means "New World" and, as one approaches the beautiful little bay flanked by two mountains and edged with dark green cypresses, it’s easy to see how it got its name. Situated on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula, this little…Read More

On The Worst Road in Europe

Written by michaelhudson on 24 May, 2010

"What condition is the road in?" asked one of the passengers. "Normal," laughed the driver, "the same as normal." "Are they repairing it?" "They say they're going to.""You can't call that thing a road anymore," my student had warned me about the state of the…Read More

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The Night Train to Crimea

Written by michaelhudson on 20 May, 2010

It was just after a thunderstorm and the carriage was in near-darkness as the train pulled out of Odessa. None of the lights seemed to be working, the windows didn't open, and there was nothing coming out of the air conditioning vents but dust. There…Read More

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Written by michaelhudson on 20 May, 2010

Yalta has been Russia's southern playground for almost as long as it's needed one. The Romanovs had a summer house built here, where Stalin later brought Churchill and Roosevelt to decide the fate of the post-war world. Chekhov wrote The Three Sisters and The Cherry…Read More

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Victory Day

Written by michaelhudson on 20 May, 2010

Sevastopol, my students told me, celebrates Victory Day like no other city in Ukraine. By ten o'clock it seemed the whole of the city had lined up along Lenin Street. The 1945 victory address was pumping out of tannoys, a military band struck up a…Read More

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At the Match

Written by michaelhudson on 17 Apr, 2010

Chornomorets Odessa should be one of the giants of Ukrainian football. A one club city of a million people, Odessa was the place where Ukrainians first saw the game being played. In 1878, the Odessa British Athletic Club was the first football club anywhere in…Read More

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Seeing The Sights

Written by michaelhudson on 15 Apr, 2010

Despite its fame, Odessa is a surprisingly young city. Founded by Catherine the Great in 1794, two years after the end of the Russo-Turkish War, it was built on the remains of a small Muslim settlement. Before that there were the Scythians, a nomadic tribe…Read More

Little Vienna in Southern Ukraine

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Chernivtsi is a city of around 240,000 in South Western Ukraine about 650km south of Kiev, I paid it a visit during a trip in Ukraine about 2 years ago. In retrospect the 1 day was not really enough.HistoryChernivtsi started off as a modest ancient…Read More

6 Names, 1 City and Lots of Fun

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Lviv is more than worth visiting, just 70km's from the Polish border (which can normally be crossed much faster than the average waiting time of 4 hours if you just drive down the side of the front of the queue with 50zl inside your passport).…Read More

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Getting Ready for the Trip!

Written by dinkime on 16 Jun, 2006

We started the planning for our trip (for summer 2005) in the late summer/early fall of 2004. We secured our funding in November 2004 and started the mounds of paperwork as soon as possible following that. Emails were frequent between myself and the organization we…Read More

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